Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Russia downs 20 drones over Crimea a spate of attacks on Moscow

There were police and emergency vehicles parked behind the drone’s debris that had reportedly been the scene of a drone attack in Moscow, Russia, next to the Karamyshevskaya embankment.

20 Ukrainian drones attempted to launch a nocturnal attack on the Crimean peninsula that Russia has occupied, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian air defenses shot down 14 drones, and another six were electronically jammed, the ministry reported in a Telegram post. Damage or casualties weren’t reported.

The drone attacks on Moscow over the course of three days were followed by the nocturnal assaults. Drone attacks on Russia have little clear military benefit for Ukraine after more than 17 months of hostilities, but the tactic has succeeded in unsettling Russians and making the war’s repercussions real to them.

Drone strikes on Moscow and Crimea, which Russia took from Ukraine in 2014 and which the majority of the world viewed as illegitimate, have risen in recent weeks.

Officials in Kiev have not acknowledged or denied any involvement by Ukraine in the attempted strikes.

In a separate development, Russia asserted on Saturday that a nighttime counterattack had allowed it to retake control of the village of Urozhaine in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region.

According to regional governor Oleh Syniehubov, a 73-year-old woman was killed early on Saturday morning during Russian shelling of Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv area.

Ihor Klymenko, the minister of internal affairs for Ukraine, reported that a guided Russian aerial bomb struck the city of Orikhiv in the country’s partially controlled south Zaporizhzhia region, killing one police officer and injuring 12 others. He claimed that four of the injured also included police officers.