About Us

About “News Trust of India”

News Trust of India is more than just a news platform—it’s a movement fueled by the passion of journalists and visionaries. Registered under the Indian Trust Act in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, we are committed to weaving narratives that transcend headlines and touch lives.

Our stories form a tapestry of hope, each thread spun by changemakers and innovators who defy conventions. Here’s a glimpse into the narratives we celebrate:

  1. Small Enterprises with Big Impact: We delve into the world of local businesses that rewrite the rules. From sustainable practices to community upliftment, these enterprises inspire us all.
  2. Grassroots Innovations: Our lens zooms in on the ground—the birthplace of transformative ideas. We share stories of everyday heroes who tackle pressing challenges with boundless determination, often armed with limited resources.
  3. Sustainability Initiatives: The earth breathes life into our existence, and we honor those who nurture it. Our stories explore eco-conscious practices, conservation efforts, and the path toward a greener, more compassionate world.
  4. Protagonists of Change: Meet the individuals who lead by example. They challenge norms, amplify unheard voices, and create ripples of impact. Their resilience and creativity inspire thousands of readers to take action.

Join us on this solutions-oriented journey, where every story is a beacon of possibility. Together, we’re shaping a News Trust of India—one narrative at a time. 🌟

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