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Shreya Krishnan Appointed Managing Director of India

An international charity organisation reiterates its dedication to helping Indian women and non-binary technologists., the premier international charity dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and...

Chalet Hotels Reveals Designs for a ₹300 Crore Sanctuary at Terminal 3 of IGI Airport in New Delhi

New Delhi: Chalet Hotels is about to undertake an incredible project that will see it build a ₹300 Crore luxury hotel at Terminal 3...

Bheemals Shampoo: Transforming Entrepreneurship in the pauri garhwal Mountains

Pauri : Nestled in the heart of Pauri Garhwal, in the tranquil landscapes of Ekeshwar block, stands a beacon of entrepreneurship: Bheemals Shampoo. The...

Coca-Cola India’s entry into the ready-to-drink ‘Honest Tea’ in beverage market

With the introduction of "Honest Tea," Coca-Cola India, a well-known brand in the beverage sector, has entered the rapidly expanding ready-to-drink tea market. Coca-Cola...

WhatsApp Channels quickly gained 500 million monthly active users

The most widely used messaging app worldwide, WhatsApp, has introduced a ground-breaking feature called WhatsApp Channels into the ever-evolving world of social networking. Since...

You may now mask your location on WhatsApp calls; learn more about its features

According to Meta, if you activate this option, WhatsApp's servers will handle all of your call relaying. The well-known messaging program WhatsApp has revealed a...




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