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Chronicle of Triumph: 1mg’s Rise to Becoming India’s Leading Online Pharmacy

Start a captivating story that follows the development of 1mg, an Indian firm that has become the face of trust in the online pharmacy...

Shreya Krishnan Appointed Managing Director of India

An international charity organisation reiterates its dedication to helping Indian women and non-binary technologists., the premier international charity dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and...

Chalet Hotels Reveals Designs for a ₹300 Crore Sanctuary at Terminal 3 of IGI Airport in New Delhi

New Delhi: Chalet Hotels is about to undertake an incredible project that will see it build a ₹300 Crore luxury hotel at Terminal 3...

Bheemals Shampoo: Transforming Entrepreneurship in the pauri garhwal Mountains

Pauri : Nestled in the heart of Pauri Garhwal, in the tranquil landscapes of Ekeshwar block, stands a beacon of entrepreneurship: Bheemals Shampoo. The...

Coca-Cola India’s entry into the ready-to-drink ‘Honest Tea’ in beverage market

With the introduction of "Honest Tea," Coca-Cola India, a well-known brand in the beverage sector, has entered the rapidly expanding ready-to-drink tea market. Coca-Cola...

WhatsApp Channels quickly gained 500 million monthly active users

The most widely used messaging app worldwide, WhatsApp, has introduced a ground-breaking feature called WhatsApp Channels into the ever-evolving world of social networking. Since...




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