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Tilapia Warning: US Woman Eats Contaminated Fish and Loses All Four Limbs

After consuming tilapia, a woman had all four of her limbs amputated after becoming quite ill.

In California, a horrible incident has taken place in which a woman has lost all four of her limbs. According to stories from her friends, she apparently consumed undercooked tilapia fish that had been contaminated with a deadly type of bacteria, which is thought to be the cause of the bacterial infection that led to this tragic conclusion.

Mother-of-four Laura Barajas, 40, received the life-saving procedure on Thursday following a lengthy hospital stay, according to the New York Post.

It’s been incredibly difficult for all of us. It is awful. According to Ms. Barajas’ friend Anna Messina, “This could have happened to any of us.”

Messina claimed Barajas fell ill after consuming the fish she’d bought at a neighborhood market in San Jose and prepared for herself at home.

“She nearly passed away. She had a respirator, according to Ms. Messina.

“They surgically induced her into a coma. Her foot, bottom lip, and fingers were all completely black. Her kidneys were failing, and she had severe sepsis, the source continued.

According to Ms. Messina, Vibrio vulnificus, a potentially fatal bacterium typically found in raw seafood and seawater, was the source of Barajas’ infection. This emphasizes how crucial it is to handle and prepare seafood properly in order to prevent such serious health hazards.

Send in a remark According to Dr. Natasha Spottiswoode of UCSF, who specializes in infectious diseases, “the ways you can get infected with this bacteria are, one, you can eat something that is contaminated with it [and] the other way is by having a cut or tattoo exposed to water in which this bug lives.”