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Gauri Khan and Bisleri Craft Exclusive Label for Vedica’s Himalayan Sparkling Water

(News Trust of India): Bisleri International teamed up with designer Gauri Khan to create a special, fancy label for Vedica’s Himalayan Sparkling Water. This partnership is all about mixing high-class style with creative flair. Gauri Khan brought her unique design skills to the table, making a one-of-a-kind label that captures her artistic style and the refreshing taste of Vedica’s water.

They even made a short movie to show how the label was made, giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at their teamwork. This special bottle will only be sold in certain places and stores around India.

Jayanti Khan Chauhan from Bisleri said that Vedica’s water is all about being classy and smart. Gauri Khan, known for her chic and modern style, fits perfectly with this project. Her fresh and timeless designs help make Vedica’s water stand out to customers who like the finer things. The new label looks modern and is meant to appeal to people who appreciate good taste, helping them feel more connected to the brand.

Gauri Khan shared her excitement about working with Bisleri Vedica, a brand that’s good at keeping up with the latest styles and what people want. The label’s design, inspired by her recent trip to the mountains, has shiny gold details that remind you of the stars at night, adding a touch of luxury. She aimed to create a design that feels pure and peaceful, matching the core values of the brand.

This collaboration is a blend of elegance and new ideas, just like Vedica’s water, which is known for its lively fizz and just-right mix of minerals.