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Setting High Standards: Adityan Kayalakal of Veera Reveals the Future of Mobile Browsing

India’s first mobile-only browser, Veera, stands out as a beacon of innovation, privacy, and user-centric browsing in the fast changing environment of digital browsers. Under the direction of Adityan Kayalakal, the head of marketing, Veera sets out to reimagine how we navigate the internet in this era of shifting paradigms and the post-cookie revolution. Veera is ready to set its own standards of excellence thanks to a viral “Toilet Campaign,” a novel approach to mobile browsing, and a host of ground-breaking features.

Enhanced online security is required in the post-cookie era

Tech giant Google made a ground-breaking announcement, ending the use of third-party cookies, in response to growing privacy concerns. Along with this change, the Privacy Sandbox was launched with the intention of strengthening user privacy standards. Despite Google’s good intentions, users had a mixed reaction to this choice. Internet consumers are becoming more conscious of the need for improved online security as the demand for privacy-first surfing experiences rises.

Veera’s Distinctive Method for Mobile-Only Browsing

Veera stands out in this worldwide transition thanks to its cutting-edge approach to mobile browsing. Veera is exclusively intended as a mobile internet browser, in contrast to browsers like Chrome that initially prioritized desktop usage before adapting for mobile. This tactical choice is perfectly in line with the prevalent usage trends in the Indian digital ecosystem.

The marketing strategist for Veera, Adityan Kayalakal, explains, “The benefit of being focussed on India was that we discovered the specific needs of our target. Veera was created to be simple, hassle-free, and ready to use right away. When someone installs Veera, we wanted to guarantee a flawless experience.

The Internet’s hub is in India

According to Statista, India will have the second-largest internet population in the world by 2023, with more than 1.2 billion users. Since there are more than one billion smartphones in use worldwide, over 90% of all internet traffic in India comes from mobile devices. Veera’s mobile-first strategy is supported by this demographic trend.

The ‘Toilet Campaign’ Goes Viral’: A Brave Move

Veera launched a daring and unorthodox marketing approach in an effort to connect with this enormous customer group. On a weekend in September 2023, Mumbai’s bustling Bandra neighborhood served as the backdrop for an unprecedented initiative. In partnership with the meme marketing firm WLDD and the integrated communications firm Interspace, Veera debuted a public installation that included a restroom with the phrase, “What’s Private, Should Stay Private.”

The campaign’s motivation, according to Adityan Kayalakal, was “a visual that would force people to contemplate their own privacy and bring it to the forefront of their minds.” There is no likelihood that anyone would use something if you take away something as necessary as four walls. That is how we developed this concept.

Conventions are challenged by the unusual toilet installation

Traditional approaches to marketing, such internet advertising or promotional events, frequently come first. Veera’s effort, however, was unique from others. It was a daring and eye-catching move to put a real restroom in a well-used area like Bandra’s bandstand. With a tinge of humor, Adityan Kayalakal continues, “The thought of people out for a morning strolling across a toilet had us in fits of laughing. The natural amphitheatre at Bandstand provided a place for gathering without interfering with daily activities.

The outcomes were astounding. “The response was sensational, with over 5.5 million people discussing the campaign within days,” says Adityan Kayalakal with pride. Through our campaign, the brand is now more well-known, and if we can help the internet become safer, we will consider our mission successful.

Veera: More Than Marketing B.S.

Veera’s dedication transcends promotional gimmicks. It’s a browser made to really do what it says. Users can take advantage of features like ad blocking, crawler and tracking blocking, quick browsing, and pre-built content that changes based on user choices.

Kavach, an optional layer of privacy that improves secure browsing, is introduced by Veera in reaction to the increased awareness of unlawful tracking. Kavach speeds up browsing by successfully blocking several trackers. According to Adityan Kayalakal, “If someone wants to watch ads on a specific website, they can easily switch off Kavach.”

Taking Advantage of the Cricket Score Widget

Veera added a cricket score widget in a clever effort to leverage on the excitement around the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Users have quick access to live scores thanks to this widget, which is prominently displayed on the home screen. Adityan Kayalakal states, “After its introduction, we received favorable feedback.”

Growth Strategies and Product Launches

Adityan Kayalakal says that Veera’s primary goal is to improve internet usage. In the upcoming months, the brand’s products will be released in stages. The emphasis right now is on browsing options that let visitors “Browse Bindaas,” offering simple navigation and a relaxed surfing experience.

“Khelo Bindaas,” the subsequent level, adds a gaming library with casual games. The Indian mobile gaming market has nearly 400 million users, therefore this update does not require consumers to download additional apps. According to Adityan Kayalakal, “We have integrated 100 of India’s top casual games into Veera Gaming, with two more phases of features coming by year-end.”

A Flexible Marketing Strategy

Veera keeps a flexible attitude when choosing a marketing medium for brand promotion. The main emphasis is on coming up with original ideas and carrying them out expertly. This strategy is anticipated to be maintained as Veera works to establish its own standards in the browser industry.

difficulties in the market for browsers

A browser’s construction is a challenging task. Adityan Kayalakal agrees that debuting on iOS is a unique hurdle for Veera. All browsers must use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine, which presents a special problem. Veera, however, is still committed to changing the Android ecosystem.

Keeping Your Competitive Edge

Veera is committed to being user-friendly, efficient, and simple to use in the context of the ever changing digital landscape. Veera does not want to be compared to industrial titans, Adityan Kayalakal insists. The emphasis is instead on creating their own benchmarks and providing a customer-centered experience.