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Innovative Tata Tea Gold dual-screen 3D anamorphic display is unveiled by Laqshya Media

The breathtaking installation at Kolkata’s South City Mall evokes the splendor of Durga Pujo using a complex tapestry made of five different types of handlooms from Bengal.

Tata Tea Gold brilliantly honors the spirit of the event with an original twist as the radiant Durga Pujo celebrations infuse West Bengal with an air of vivacity. Laqshya Media creates a remarkable Dual-Screen 3D Anamorphic Display at South City Mall in Kolkata in a first-of-its-kind cooperation, exhibiting West Bengal’s iconic handloom legacy through an enthralling blend of technology and tradition.

The breathtaking installation, which will be on display from October 14 to October 21, 2023, beautifully captures the splendor of Durga Pujo in a tapestry made of the five different handlooms of Bengal. The display deftly spins a spellbinding tale of Bengali pride and revelry, from the vibrant conch blowing on the Jamdani-inspired packaging to the mesmerizing rhythms of the Dhaki displayed on the Kantha-inspired motifs. This innovative project from Tata Tea Gold and Laqshya Media represents a tribute to the area’s rich cultural handicraft and is sure to fascinate both casual viewers and tea connoisseurs.

Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, commented on the successful 3D anamorphic outdoor installation and said, “Durga Pujo is a cultural extravaganza transcending the boundaries of celebrations by amalgamating culture, traditions, artistry, and people’s devotion. The use of handlooms is essential during festive occasions, and with our Banglar Noksha Pujo campaign, we hope to honor the region’s exquisite traditional craftsmanship. We seek to celebrate West Bengal’s renowned handlooms by utilizing cutting-edge technology for modern storytelling, resonating with our audience. Furthermore, we continue to recount the state’s breathtaking handloom tradition in our limited-edition holiday packets.

“Embracing Tata consumer with gratitude, we embark on an extraordinary journey during the Durga Puja festivities, harmonising the elements of tea, tradition, and technology to create an unmatched experience,” stated Yuvrraj Agarwaal, Chief Strategy Officer, Laqshya Media Group. A magnificent cultural symphony, Durga Pujo orchestrates a seamless fusion of tradition, artistry, devotion, and culture, with handlooms playing a crucial role. Weaving our story with consumers through the threads of previously unseen technology, we pay homage to the area’s rich cultural craftsmanship with this campaign.

“Our emotions pour with enthusiasm,” he continued, “as we reveal our part in illuminating West Bengal’s cultural vibrancy with our state-of-the-art dual-screen 3D anamorphic projection. It serves as a monument to our tireless pursuit of industry-first innovations and highlights our constant dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology as the first execution of its kind by any brand in India. This project exemplifies our constant commitment to making out-of-home experiences more fascinating and immersive.

In a jubilant reflection on the Tata Banglar Noksha Pujo campaign’s success, Sommnath Sengupta, CEO of Inventech, a Laqshya Media Group firm, highlights the triumph of the 3D Anamorphic Display from conception to installation. “With our cutting-edge Dual-Screen 3D Anamorphic Display and successful 3D anamorphic outdoor display, we showcase West Bengal’s cultural handicraft above and above the norm. Every thread we weave demonstrates our dedication to pushing the limit of creativity and technology and forming deep connections. During the Durga Puja celebrations, we’ve created an experience that goes beyond tradition and leaves a lasting impression on customers’ hearts, he said.