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RM of BTS has come under fire for suggesting a ‘Islamophobic’ song

BTS is still in the news, but most of their audience may not be impressed by the cause this time. In an unexpected turn of events, RM gained attention for a – SONG recommendation rather than for his previous honors.

RM’s Instagram tale sparks controversy

For those of you unfamiliar with RM’s social media practices, the BTS rapper enjoys recommending a few songs to his devoted ARMY. But this time, his musical preference has divided a portion of the internet.

On August 16, RM posted the Frank Ocean song Bad Religion to his personal Instagram account. As usual, when fans went to listen to the brand-new song, it became clear that the song’s past has been highly contentious.

On the surface, Bad Religion is a love story, with Frank telling the cab driver about his unfulfilled love. However, some of the chorus’ words outraged a large number of online users.

The song that RM recommends sparks debate

“And you say “Allahu Akbar,” I told him, “Don’t curse me,” “Bo Bo, you need prayer,” I guess it couldn’t hurt me, If it makes me fall to my knees, it’s a bad religion,” says the song’s chorus.

Islam uses the Arabic proclamation Allahu Akbar to declare that God is the greatest. Frank’s use of the term in his song has long sparked discussions about both the good and bad ways he appears to be portraying religion.

A few Muslims have found the song to be rather offensive, so when RM openly defended it, fans were shocked by the entire situation. While the dispute continues to receive a lot of attention on X, formerly Twitter, RM himself has opted to remain silent.

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