Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Snapchat’s AI becomes errant: Users respond to the chatbot’s tale publishing

My AI on Snapchat is once again trending after it published an odd narrative and became moody in conversation. For hundreds of millions of users globally, Snapchat’s My AI has been acting strangely. Users were alarmed by the AI chatbot’s enigmatic Story that it displayed on its profile and by the way it interacted with them in chats.

Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, which was introduced earlier this year, is designed to act like a buddy with whom users can communicate and seek advice on a variety of issues, such as where to go, which Lenses to use, and what to wear.

However, the bot temporarily ceased operation and responded to every query with “Sorry, I ran into a technical issue?” In addition, My AI also shared a picture of what appears to be a wall or a ceiling on its narrative, which was a first for the platform. Soon after, that article was removed.

Some Snapchat users even freaked out because they believed the image to be of a wall in their own home. The realization that everyone watched the same tale swiftly allayed those worries, though.

While there were many rumors on X (previously Twitter), Snapchat now announced that My AI suffered an outage and that it has since been “resolved.” The site has not yet responded to the peculiar photo that My AI placed on its story.
Snapchat users allege wrongdoing

Several Snapchatters have now come forward to claim that My AI’s story was secretly captured from their own homes, demonstrating how their walls mimic the enigmatic image.

These assertions, however, appear improbable given that all that is shown in the tale is a generic image of a beige wall and a white ceiling.