Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Blue Lotus Capital Makes Bold Move: Acquires Stake in Small-Cap Gem

Mumbai-based stocks are multibaggers. After a 125% YTD surge, DII Blue Lotus Capital purchases a stake in a small-cap stock.

Multibagger stock: Blue Lotus Capital, a business based in Mumbai, purchased 1,90,000 shares of the company for $246 each. One of the multibagger stocks that the Indian stock market has offered YTD is AVG Logistics shares. This small-cap stock has increased in price from roughly 118 to 262 per share so far this year, giving positional shareholders a return of 125 percent.

Some fund organizations, however, continue to think that the small-cap multibagger stock may continue its upward trend. Blue Lotus Capital, a domestic institutional investor based in Mumbai, purchased 1,90,000 shares of AVG Logistics from the company for a price of 246 per share. This indicates that the Mumbai-based DII paid $4,67,40,000, or almost $4.67 crore, to purchase this multibagger stock.

In a similar manner, another DII India Emerging Giants Fund purchased 90,000 shares of AVG Logistics for $246 each. This indicates that despite a 125% rally in 2023, India Emerging Giants Fund invested $2,21,40,000 in this logistics firm.

Both domestic institutional buyers purchased these shares through an NSE bulk transaction that was carried out on September 14, 2023.

History of share prices for AVG Logistics

AVG Logistics’ share price increased by around 5% during the course of the past month, rising from about $249.50 to $262.25 per share. This multibagger stock has increased by more than 60% over the past six months, rising from levels close to 160 to 260. This small-cap multibagger stock has appreciated in value over the past year from about 118 to 262 per share, a gain of almost 125 percent.