Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Zomato’s Surprising Partnership: Sharan Hegde’s Insider Finance Hacks Revealed!

Zomato has teamed up with Sharan Hegde, a well-known finance influencer, for a new ad series called ‘Pay-Day Party’. In these ads, Hegde shares some unconventional investment advice.

In the first ad, called ‘Top 1% mindset’, Hegde is seen in a podcast-like setting, revealing a secret that the wealthiest people don’t just put their money in standard investments like mutual funds or retirement plans. Instead, they “invest in friends,” suggesting that spending on friends can be a valuable investment. The ad then highlights Zomato’s special offers for their Pay-Day Party.

Hegde, known online as @financewithsharan, has a large online following and runs a private group called The 1% Club, where he offers financial education and exclusive opportunities. The Zomato ad could also be a subtle nod to his club.

The second ad features Hegde on stage, sharing his personal indulgence of treating himself at the start of each month, instead of only focusing on traditional investments. He encourages viewers to do the same.

Zomato has a history of collaborating with influencers for their campaigns. Previously, they worked with comedian Samay Raina and actress Sahiba Bali to test internet food hacks, and with YouTuber Mumbiker Nikhil, who shared his favorite eats in Juhu.

The timing of these ads is perfect, as they coincide with the week most Indian employees get paid, suggesting that perhaps it’s time to invest in friendships or personal treats.