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Ankit Dhanesh Raturi, Founder -Circle Tattoo: Redefining Tattoo Culture with Circle Studio’s Unique Approach

(Mohan Bhulani) : Ankit Dhanesh Raturi is an inspiring entrepreneur who believes in the power of collaboration and fostering a positive work environment. His story is a testament to the success that can be achieved through teamwork and a passion for what you do.

Circle Tattoo: A Hub of Creativity and Friendship

Raturi is the founder of Circle Tattoo, a tattoo studio that goes beyond just creating art. He has cultivated a space where friends come together to share their ideas and create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. Their motto, “Every client encounter should feel like meeting an old friend,” reflects this commitment to building relationships.

A Record-Breaking Year

Circle Tattoo’s dedication to artistic expression is evident in their innovative approach to “Flash Tattoos,” pre-designed tattoos available at a discounted rate. In just 10 hours, they were able to complete a record-breaking 100 flash tattoos, showcasing their talent and efficiency.

The Secret to Success

Raturi understands that a strong team is the backbone of any successful company. He prioritizes education and mentorship, empowering his team members to take ownership and contribute their own ideas. This collaborative approach allows him to delegate tasks with confidence, knowing that Circle Tattoo is in good hands.

Positive Reviews and Expansion

Customer satisfaction is a key metric for Raturi. Positive reviews like those from Rupali Agarwal and Siddhant Savanth highlight the exceptional experience clients receive at Circle Tattoo. This focus on building a strong brand reputation has fueled the business’s growth.

A Multi-Venture Visionary

Circle Tattoo is just the beginning for Raturi’s entrepreneurial journey. In just one year, he has expanded his vision to include Circle Marketing, Subtle By Circle (targeting a youth clientele), Circle Cafe, and Circle Associates (focused on B2B clients). This diversification demonstrates his ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

Ankit Raturi’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. His focus on collaboration, team empowerment, and a positive work environment has created a thriving business and a loyal customer base.