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Washing your hair with buttermilk might help strengthen your hair

Have you ever used buttermilk to wash your hair? My mother suggests it, and this expert concurs. Here’s how buttermilk may be applied to hair. Your mother or grandma will have a remedy ready for any issue you can think of. You might be wondering whether or not these “nuskhe” genuinely work given the present craze for hair care products and methods. Using buttermilk for hair washing is one such hair care practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. Although it may seem strange, this might not be all that harmful for your hair. If you’re curious as to why my mother advises using buttermilk to wash your hair, let’s explore this age-old myth with dermatologist Dr. Rinky Kapoor’s assistance.

Buttermilk is the liquid that remains after making butter from milk cream, according to the uneducated. Even though it doesn’t sound particularly healthy, it is a powerful substance that includes the benefits of proteins, lipids, and lactic acid. Unexpectedly, says Dr. Kapoor, buttermilk hair washing has more advantages for your hair than you might realize.

advantages of using buttermilk for hair cleaning

Since decades, people have used buttermilk, also known as chaas, as a hair care solution without doubting its effectiveness. We had to consult the expert, and we weren’t let down.

According to Dr. Kapoor, using buttermilk as a hair treatment can offer a number of advantages, mainly because of its natural components. Lactic acid, a moderate alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), is present in it and helps exfoliate the scalp, eliminate dead skin cells, and foster a better environment for your hair follicles. Furthermore, the proteins in buttermilk help strengthen hair strands, thus boosting their vigor and strength.

How can buttermilk be used to wash hair?

To have gorgeous, luscious hair, adhere to the dermatologist’s advice by:

1. Get ready

Simply mix one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar with one cup of milk to create buttermilk. Wait till it curdles for a few minutes. Make sure you have enough buttermilk to fully cover your hair and scalp.

2. Application 

Start by giving your hair a light water mist. After that, rub the buttermilk into the lengths of your hair by gently massaging it into your scalp. Pay attention to the source of your oiliness as well as any trouble spots.

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3. Bodywork

Make sure to give your scalp a thorough massage with your fingertips for a few minutes. Buttermilk will be distributed evenly, and the increased blood flow will aid to dislodge any dirt on the scalp.

4. Allow it to stand and rinse

Allow the buttermilk to stay on your hair and scalp for 10 to 15 minutes after thoroughly massaging your head. To stop your hair from leaking, you can cover it with a towel or shower cap. Use warm water to rinse your hair after thoroughly rinsing the buttermilk from your hair and scalp.

6. Conditioning (Optional) 

You can use a conditioner afterwards, based on your hair type and preferences, to maintain your hair silky and manageable.

7. Styling and drying

Dry your hair gently using a soft cloth. The harm that excessive rubbing can do to wet hair should be avoided. Additionally, try to stay away from hair dryers that use heat. While you can style your hair anyway you like, try to steer clear of any damaging techniques.

Maybe not everyone’s hair will benefit from buttermilk!

Even while buttermilk has several advantages for hair, it might not be right for you. If you have a milk allergy, lactose intolerance, or any other scalp concerns, the dermatologist advises performing a patch test before using buttermilk on your scalp. Buttermilk shouldn’t be used in place of regular shampooing and cleaning. It should be a part of your hair routine because of the possible health advantages, but it should never take the place of a well-balanced hair regimen.


Although using buttermilk for hair may seem like an unusual method of hair care, it actually works. Moms love it. It can support the vitality of your hair and help you keep your scalp healthy. Buttermilk’s lactic acid component benefits hair nutrition and gloss maintenance. If you don’t have any scalp issues, you can give it a try. A dermatologist should also always be consulted to determine the best options for your hair type and needs.