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Can vitamin C help you stop heavy menstrual bleeding periods?

Menorrhagia, or prolonged heavy menstrual flow, can have a negative impact on one’s physical and emotional health.You might find that you need to switch period products more frequently in addition to feeling uncomfortable from a strong period flow. According to a 2004 study from the US National Library of Medicine, severe menstrual bleeding occurs if your blood loss is greater than 80 ml every period. How can heavy periods be stopped is the question. Did you know that taking vitamin C is one of the best strategies to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding?

heavy menstrual bleeding causes

Menorrhagia, according to Dr. Swetha M.P., Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, HRBR Layout, Bengaluru, is a disorder where women have heavy, uncharacteristic bleeding that occurs more frequently. Heavy bleeding is defined as bleeding that lasts longer than seven days and involves more blood flow than is typical during menstruation. It is best to see a gynecologist as soon as possible because this could be cause for concern.

What are some typical reasons for excessive menstrual bleeding?
1. Hormone disproportion

When you are down, changes in hormone levels, especially those of progesterone and oestrogen, can lead to heavy bleeding. Hormonal imbalances can be brought on by conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome or thyroid problems.

2. fibroids in the womb

According to the specialist, fibroids can cause an excessive amount of menstrual flow, regardless of their size or position within the uterus.

3. Adenomyosis 

When the tissue that typically lines the uterus starts to grow inside the uterine muscles, the disorder that causes it begins to manifest. Uncomfortable and heavy periods may result from this.

4. Fourth, endometrial polyps

These uterine lining growths may cause heavy, irregular, or irregular bleeding as well as bleeding between periods.

vitamin to stop heavy menstrual cycles

According to Dr. Swetha, vitamin C can help stop bleeding. This is brought on by vitamin C’s anti-estrogenic properties. By taking specific minerals, especially iron, you can make up for the nutrients you lose each month. A 2007 study that was released by the US National Library of Medicine and supports the expert’s assertions is vitamin C’s potential role in reducing excessive bleeding. There were 18 women in the study with heavy periods. It was observed that taking bioflavonoids and vitamin C helped 16 out of the 18 women’s bleeding. Additionally, through improving iron absorption, vitamin C can benefit women who suffer menorrhagia-related iron insufficiency.

How to stop having heavy menses

While vitamin C can be very beneficial, menorrhagia can also be treated in other ways. Menorrhagia treatment options include:

1. Medicines that reduce inflammation

Ibuprofen and naproxen, among other medications, help to lessen menstrual blood loss. The expert claims that they also relieve unpleasant period cramps, or dysmenorrhea.

2. Tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid, which only needs to be taken at the time of bleeding, helps to minimize menstrual blood loss.

3. Pills for birth control

Although oral contraceptives are typically used for pregnancy control, they can also help to control menstrual periods. They can lessen irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding.

4. Progesterone intake

Progesterone is a hormone that can balance hormones and lessen menorrhagia. Your doctor may be able to treat your menorrhagia if you are taking hormone therapy by altering or stopping your medication.