Monday, April 15, 2024
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Updated MS Paint Now Supports Layers and Edits Transparent Images

On the most recent Dev and Canary releases of Windows 11, Windows Insider testers can now attempt editing transparent photos and saving them using MS Paint.

Users of MS Paint may work with several layers that can be concealed and combined.

Microsoft’s free graphics manipulation application, MS Paint, better known as Microsoft Paint, is getting updated with two new image editing features that will enable users to modify images more successfully. Users will be able to modify photographs using layers, much like the popular Photoshop program from Adobe. Additionally, MS Paint gives users the option to edit translucent images and save the results. All Windows 11 users are anticipated to receive the features at a later time.

Microsoft recently revealed that support for layers will be added to the organization’s nearly 40-year-old computer program in a blog post for Windows Insider. Users will have the ability to “add, remove, and manage layers on the canvas,” the company claims. Users can operate on these layers without influencing the content of other layers because they can choose to make them invisible at any time.

Layers are also visible in the order they are put, just like other image editing programs like Photoshop and the free GNU Image editing Program (GIMP). Once organized or altered, digital items on each layer can be placed behind other elements in the image. A pixel-style artwork sample of a cat image with five layers, including a yellow background, is shown in a blog post by Microsoft.

Support for transparency has also been added as a significant feature to MS Paint. The application now allows users to open and edit transparent images (like PNGs), which display transparent portions of the image with a duotone checkerboard pattern as their background.

With the addition of transparency functionality, MS Paint’s eraser tool now has the ability to selectively remove the backdrop, making it transparent. When the picture is ready to be saved, Paint will do it as a PNG file with the transparency; the picture was previously saved with the transparent parts filled with a white background.

There is currently no information available on the release date of layers and transparency support for Windows 11. Microsoft is testing the new features with Windows Insider testers on the Canary and Dev channels with version 11.2308.18.0 or newer. Once testing is complete, the corporation is anticipated to roll out the functionality to all users.