Monday, April 15, 2024
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Truecaller introduces updated AI identify features and new brand identity 

The debut of a brand-new app icon and a corporate rebranding have been announced by Truecaller. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store will have the new logo. Leading international brand consultancy Interbrand is in charge of the new branding identity, which will be implemented globally over the ensuing weeks. Users must update their apps to version 13.34 or higher on Android or version 12.58 or higher on iOS in order to see the new app icon and updates.

Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller Alan Mamedi remarked in an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18 about the announcement, “We are delighted to present our new brand identity and logo. The goal was to draw attention to the trustworthy color blue. Additionally, we are introducing a few new scam protection measures as part of this.

In addition to this updated identity, Truecaller users also have access to Search Context, a potent new anti-fraud function that is a part of the Truecaller AI Identity engine. Users of Truecaller will be immediately informed if a number’s name has recently changed or is changing often while seeing the search results for any given number.

The app further categorizes this contextual message into three different color categories: blue for a neutral change, yellow for name changes that occurred more than three times in the previous seven days, and red for frequent name changes that are highly suggestive of fraudulent and scammer activity. All Truecaller users will see this message in the search results on their Android, iPhone, and Truecaller web devices.

We also observed that when they create these new accounts, there’s no way for people to know whether this is a new user, a new account, or someone pretending to be someone, Mamedi said about adding this new feature. “Scammers would set up a new account on various platforms to communicate with people and try to lure them into something,” Mamedi said about adding this new feature.

In addition to adopting a new name this month, Truecaller also attained a big milestone by reaching 300 million daily active users. Mamedi credits a number of variables for the platform’s quick expansion, but he also thinks Truecaller’s significant iOS platform upgrade was helpful.

“So, I believe that for many years, we simply didn’t focus sufficiently on the iOS product. In actuality, for a very long time, the number of active users on the site was flat. Even on the fall, I’d say, until the team decided to reorganize, start over with the app, delete the outdated code, and start thinking like an Apple-focused internal organization. And since then, the number of active users has increased by roughly 150 percent,” he continued.