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Tata CLiQ Luxury fervently support Mohua Das Gupta’s definition of Slow Commerce

Envisioned as the leading luxury lifestyle platform in India, our latest partnership with HSBC resulted in the prestigious occasion, ‘The Luxe Life: Edition 3,’ hosted in association with Vogue Business. One of the most important aspects of this spectacle was the premiere of a cinematic masterpiece called “India on the Move.” This lavish movie, which took place across 7,500 kilometers across the country, aimed to capture the spirit of opportunity, revolution, and emancipation that permeates our changing needs and wants. It is an in-depth investigation of the metamorphic influence on our thinking, feelings, and consumption habits.

Through the voices of 44 inventors, the film captures the ebullience and aspirations that resound through India’s different landscapes, functioning as a visual narrative. These celebrities—which include CEOs, business owners, stylists, models, musicians, fashion consultants, and writers—distribute their thoughts on beauty, freedom, and the vibrant spirit of ‘India on the Move.’ As the story progresses, glimpses into the lives of these visionaries—each fueled by beauty in all its forms and bursting with energy and inventiveness as they push past traditional bounds in their endeavors—are provided.

Mohua Das Gupta, Head of Marketing at Tata CLiQ Luxury, explores the evolution of the luxury market, the marriage of luxury and purpose, the subtleties of ‘India on the Move,’ audience engagement tactics, and more in an insightful conversation with Adgully.

Tata CLiQ Luxury’s flagship project, The Luxe Life, is a continuous investigation into the dynamic terrain of India’s luxury market. Its purpose is to give customers an intelligent, sophisticated viewpoint on the newest developments in the luxury market. This means promoting innovative concepts and styles while honoring India’s most provocative voices. The Luxe Life centers on the rise of the luxury market and how it deviates from traditional conventions, with the goal of dissecting and understanding these changing standards.

The first two digital versions of ‘The Luxe Life’ explored thought-provoking discussions and included videos from international celebrities and industry insiders. Launched in July 2021, the first edition was devoted to interpreting fresh concepts and topics that drove Luxury with Purpose in the areas of design, fashion, beauty, and more. The next iteration, scheduled for March 2022, evolved into a five-day digital film and shopping extravaganza, emphasized by a #visionforfuture.

Releasing ‘The Luxe Life: Edition 3’ as a physical event at The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai on January 17, 2023, catered to the success of the digital ventures. At this historic gathering, thought leaders and tastemakers in the luxury industry discussed the future of slow commerce and luxury, looking at the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and technology. With the theme ‘Moving Fast. Living Slow,’ the gathering provided a forum for influential people from around the world to analyze how the slow luxury experience has evolved in a society driven by new technology and emerging from a hiatus caused by the epidemic.

Prominent figures including Gonçalo Cruz of PlatformE, Henry Stupp of Authentic Brands Group, Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian at Tata Sons, Dr. Ashok Maharaj of TCS Extended Reality (XR) Lab, designers Anita Dongre and Masaba Gupta, Abheek Singhi of BCG, Meghna Apparao of Meta, and others shared their insights during the symposium, which lasted for a full day. The discussion covered a wide range of subjects, including how slow commerce and sustainability interact, how luxury and the metaverse interact, how to comprehend the changing needs of luxury consumers, how to prepare businesses for the Web 3 era, and more.

The premiere of the cinematic classic “India on the Move” added to the event’s splendor. Through the stories of 44 creative minds, this engrossing documentary—which is currently accessible digitally on Tata CLiQ Luxury’s social media channels—explores the ideas, feelings, and consumerism tendencies of the general public, tapping into the nation’s throbbing energy.

Das Gupta gave a fascinating explanation of the media mix strategy that Tata CLiQ Luxury used, navigating the subtleties of interacting with a limited target (the top 5 million affluent households, which make up 1-2 percent of India’s elite customer base). Due to these customers’ preference for digital media, the platform takes a digital-first stance, utilizing the wide distribution of digital and social media to spread brand messaging and create an immersive brand story.

In addition, Tata CLiQ Luxury uses targeted mass media channels, including cinema and programmatic out-of-home channels to increase brand awareness among relevant audience segments.

Entering the domain of marketing differentiators, Das Gupta explained how the brand adopted Slow Commerce as a unique tenet. The emphasis in this paradigm shift is on the finer things, such workmanship, legacy, and the experiential value that comes with buying luxury brands. Slow Commerce encourages customers to slow down, enjoy the experience of shopping, value quality products, and make deliberate purchases.

Every aspect of Tata CLiQ Luxury’s marketing strategy is infused with this idea, from visual merchandising on the platform to communication and campaign techniques. It influences social, content, and influencer engagement initiatives. It also encompasses thought leadership events and intellectual properties selected by the brand. The main objective is to maintain a consistent dedication to improving the upscale retail environment, where browsing is enjoyable and the ‘Quality is Nurtured’ philosophy is upheld.