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Influencer marketing has bloomed into a key advertising strategy across the world

Globally, influencer marketing has become a vital promotional tactic. In 2022, the influencer marketing market in India was estimated to be worth more than 12 billion Indian rupees. The majority of brands allocate a specific budget for influencer marketing. Do they know how to use it, though? Stefan Martyres founded Social Aviator, his new company, in response to this question. After an amazing eight and a half years at Times Internet, where he successfully launched multiple ground-breaking campaigns for major brands and created the Influencer Marketing team from the ground up, Stefan wants to advance his career in the advertising and marketing industries.

After working for 13 years in the sports, media, and entertainment industries, Mr. Martyres started his own business. His goal is to provide strategic solutions that meet the demands of the brand and find influencers who share the same values, messaging, and target market.

Having developed his craft for more than ten years, Stefan Martyres has had a significant influence on how companies interact with their target markets. His remarkable professional path has included important positions with notable companies like Times Internet, Star Sports, and the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), to name a few.

Speaking about his new business, Stefan stated, “The goal of advertising is to inspire people by making a deep connection with them. With Social Aviator, our main goal is to provide personalized solutions that maximize every technology that marketers now have access to, while also producing an optimized and customized solution. We want to take advantage of the fundamental understanding of the power of the appropriate kind of content that I have gained from my expertise in influencer marketing. By adding a personalized and natural touch, our content-led solutions will not only promote a brand but also foster an emotional bond with the audience.”

By maximizing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, leveraging the influence of influencers, and expanding the realm of possibilities through brand partnerships, Stefan Martyres’ new business claims to push the limits of brand marketing. The company’s goal is to provide customized advertising solutions that captivate audiences, foster brand loyalty, and yield quantifiable outcomes. It does this by assembling an experienced team of professionals and adopting a client-centric strategy. Furthermore, Martyres is committed to offering an extensive range of supplementary services that streamline the process of delivering brand solutions. By creating a comprehensive end-to-end solution, the company hopes to push the limits of content creation with the launch of a bespoke Social Aviator Studios.

“In recent times, consumers have become more conscious and aware about not just the products they buy but the communication that these brands have online,” Stefan stated when discussing the timeliness of this effort. Thus, it is essential to offer solutions that appeal to the general public and persuade them to form a stronger bond with the brand. That’s what Social Aviator seeks to achieve. We also recognize that the secret to having an influence is to simplify brand advertising and offer prompt, high-quality solutions. We’ll accomplish this as efficiently as possible with the aid of our supporting services.