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Shreya Krishnan Appointed Managing Director of India

An international charity organisation reiterates its dedication to helping Indian women and non-binary technologists., the premier international charity dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and a sense of belonging in the technology industry, has announced that Shreya Krishnan will take over as Managing Director of India Operations beginning in November. Shreya will spearhead corporate and community programs and develop strategic growth strategies.

Leading initiatives and programs to support women and non-binary engineers throughout their careers is the direction, with an emphasis on raising awareness through the organisation’s vision and goal.

Krishnan has worked with major corporations, start-ups, and non-profit organisations throughout his more than 17 years in the fields of marketing, communications, DEI, CSR, social impact, and training. She specialises on fair growth and strategy and has served on advisory boards in a variety of sectors. She was previously Aon, India’s EVP and Head of Marketing and Communications. She also practices master Gestalt therapy and linguistics programming. In addition to becoming Mrs. India Universe 2017 and a former Corporate Diva, she is involved in activism, blogging, sustainability advocacy, dance, theatre, poetry, modelling, and acting. She is an event coordinator, anchor, and host and views herself as an Earth Warrior.

The book Words Matter: The Language that Girls Need to Speak was co-authored by her most recently. The book is a list of forty terms that assist the reader in selecting words from their language that will enable them to rethink how people behave one another. “It is my passion to work with strengthening programs for the youth because there is deep impact and merit in working with young and impressionable minds across women and non-binary communities,” Krishnan added. India will work to advance the goal of building a more equal and inclusive future under Krishnan’s direction by establishing channels and overseeing projects, programs, and activities that power the ecosystem. This plan calls for the resumption of Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI), the growth of corporate partnerships and the community’s event landscape, the expansion of the India Community and its access to the active and encouraging global community, investments in and expansion of corporate partnerships, the establishment of a robust advisory services, and efforts to improve education and leadership development opportunities for women and non-binary communities in the nation’s STEM fields.

According to Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of, “some may know or remember Shreya from hosting the Live Desk at GHC in the United States for the past two years.” We are thrilled about her leadership, vision, and dedication to restoring GHCI and joining our international team because of all of that experience, among many other things. With Shreya in charge, I’m excited about the enormous impact this organisation can have in India.

For the past 25 years, has been a catalyst for change in the tech sector. With all that India has to offer, I’m thrilled to be a part of it, investigate how we may positively impact the community here, and discover new avenues for achieving our goals,” Krishnan continued. “I am eager to get to know the community and collaborate with everyone to bring this project to fruition.”