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Piccadily Distilleries, the first cane juice rum manufacturer in India, introduces Camikara 3-year-old aged rum

The spirits company, Camikara 12YO, is dedicated to making world-class spirits and is expanding its collection of pure cane juice rums after becoming the first and only gold medal winning rum in India’s IWSC 2023 Awards.

New Delhi, India: Piccadily Distilleries announces the release of Camikara 3 Years Old (YO), a rum made entirely of cane juice that has been three years matured in American oak barrels. Being the first premium, 100% pure cane juice rum in India, Camikara takes pride in not using grain ENA or molasses like most other Indian rums do. A Statista analysis indicates that the rum industry is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.55% between 2023 and 2028, which is a tribute to the growing appreciation for high-quality rum in India.

The 42.8% ABV bottle of Camikara 3YO dispels the misconception that rum is only good during certain seasons. Camikara 3YO is a unique rum that is perfect for a variety of occasions. It encourages youthful customers to try new things and dazzles rum connoisseurs with its richness. It’s a year-round pleasure that lets the real cane juice flavor come through, whether it’s sipping on its own or blended into your favorite drink.

Camikara was established to honor the history and customs of rum in India, uncovering the past and laying the groundwork for the future. The Punjabi culture, which has a tradition of distilling cane juice to produce the regional beer known as Laahan, served as the source of inspiration. With the use of cutting-edge maturation methods, Piccadily Distilleries hopes to bring back this long-standing custom and showcase the elegance of premium Indian rums in the form of Camikara.

Camikara 3YO is a step further in the company’s mission of making luxury Indian spirits more accessible, carrying on the legacy of its award-winning 12YO variation. India is the greatest grower of sugarcane in the world and has a long tradition of making rums or distillates from cane juice. However, India never created a premium category rum because of the long years of colonization, the dominance of Western whiskies, and the resulting depreciation of rum as a fine brown spirit. The history of tea and coffee is comparable; before tea was brought by British colonists, India was predominantly a country that produced and consumed coffee. Indigenous Indian coffee and rum are just now, thanks to the determined efforts of the younger generation, regaining their prominence and becoming worldwide commodities.

The founder of Piccadily Distilleries, Siddhartha Sharma, commented on the debut, saying, “We are very excited to expand our portfolio of pure cane juice rums and launch Camikara 3YO.” The idea of Camikara was to bring back the ancient Indian craft of distillation while also launching a premium category of rum made entirely domestically. The limited-edition Camikara 12YO that we introduced was the first Indian rum to ever win a “Gold Medal” at the esteemed IWSC Awards 2023. This gave us the idea to increase the accessibility of the golden elixir and diversify our line of rum. We anticipate that Camikara 3YO will continue the tradition and serve a larger clientele.

Camikara 3YO is a living example of purity. It entices with traditional sugarcane top notes that are naturally sweet. It has fascinating notes of funkiness, vegetal greenness, and a faint hug of damp leather on the nose. Then, a melancholic sweetness emerges, enhanced by a trace of honey and faint vanilla notes, all of which add to the aroma’s inherent sweetness. Camikara 3YO delivers a sophisticated blend of cane juice spirit and oak on the taste. The sugarcane congeners can develop smoothly because of the solid base created by subtle oak and smokey flavors from charring. The result is a perfectly balanced and well-rounded spirit. A satisfying finish is provided with every taste of Camikara 3YO, a magnificent expression of pure sugarcane juice rum.

Right now, Camikara 3YO costs INR 1,500 in Haryana, INR 2,410 in Rajasthan, and INR 1,830 in Uttarakhand. Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab, Assam, Arunachal, MP, Chandigarh, UP, and other places will soon have the spirit available.