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Ruturaj Gaikwad, helped students comprehend what it means to represent India

The players, like their female counterparts, are motivated to win the gold medal, according to India’s captain Ruturaj Gaikwad.

The team has become more focused on winning the gold medal, just like their female counterparts, according to India captain Ruturaj Gaikwad, who claims that meeting the athletes at the games villages helped them grasp what it means to represent India.

“In cricket, we have domestic competitions, the IPL, and the World Cup. That kind of setting and circumstances are familiar to us. However, by traveling here and visiting the community, we really learned about the athletes and the kinds of struggles they face, he told the press.

They seldom ever have the chance to play for their nation and represent it every two to four years or so. We visited the Games’ village yesterday and learned how great it is, which we already knew, but it made us feel even more proud to be a representative of our nation.

The Indian cricket squad has recently been spotted supporting the hockey and badminton teams from the sidelines, and according to Gaikwad, the Indian players like cheering for other athletes.

“It was a really amazing opportunity to watch athletes from our nation compete in sports like badminton, tennis, and even hockey. It was a source of immense pride. We had a great time supporting our team, he added.

“For all of these athletes, competing in the Asian Games is a fantastic opportunity and a source of great pride. I am really anticipating this competition.

“Everyone is eager to win the gold for the country and stand up on the podium coming to the Asian Games,” he said.

Tuesday will see India vs. Nepal. The ground dimensions at the Hangzhou are unimportant to the Indian captain.

“Everyone, throughout their careers, be it domestic or anything (else), has gone through such dimensions on the cricket ground, and I think they are all used to it,” the man stated.

Growing up, I frequently played on these types of fields, even in local cricket, where I played more than 100 games. Everyone will get used to it and adjust, I’m sure.

Additionally, Ruturaj emphasized how the volunteers approached them and requested signatures.

They made a really sweet gesture, but I don’t think they truly knew us or our careers personally. Simply being aware that you are well-known in your nation and people frequently approach you to request an autograph for any reason. The entire time we have been here, it has been a lovely experience, he remarked.