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Rasna Unveils the Majesty of Himalayan Rose Elixirs, Deepening its Pledge to Uttarakhand

Dehradun (News Trust of India)Rasna has proudly unveiled its newest creations: Rasna Himalayan Gulab Sharbat, Himalayan Gulkand, and Himalayan Gulab Chywanprash. In a strategic attempt to cement Rasna’s influence in the region, these magnificent concoctions will be delicately made utilizing immaculate rose oil and rose water drawn solely from the picturesque valleys of Uttarakhand.

Leveraging its broad manufacturing capability, with a network comprising 12 facilities across India and a remarkable 1.6 million outlets nationwide, Rasna wants to launch these items concurrently in India and overseas. The Middle East, where there is already a developing market for Indian rose goods, is going to be a main focus. Recognizing the global attractiveness of the offering, Rasna is ready to grow its reach by boosting the utilization of locally-sourced goods from Uttarakhand.

In an attempt to increase revenue sources for the state, Rasna is also coordinating the distribution of Sandal Syrup and Turmeric syrup-based concentrates. The raw materials for these delicious elixirs will likewise be sourced from the picturesque valleys of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand, notably the picturesque valley of flowers in Chamoli, features a multitude of rose varietals, including the unusual Damask. Revered for its particular perfume, the Damask Rose has been a valued ingredient in numerous culinary, ayurvedic, and nutraceutical applications for generations. Rasna, with its avant-garde research and development methodology, has harnessed the essence of this aromatic bloom to create a syrup that not only tantalizes the taste senses but also offers medicinal advantages deriving from its antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and gut-cooling characteristics.

Speaking Mr. Piruz Khambatta, the Chairman of the Rasna Group, highlighted, “Rasna is unwaveringly committed to aligning with the Honorable Prime Minister’s objective of presenting Indian food on the global arena. We completely endorse the call for ‘Vocal for Local’ and are upgrading it by advancing ‘Local to Global.’ In displaying our dedication to Uttarakhand, we introduce the Rasna Himalayan Gulab Sharbat, Himalayan Gulkand, and Gulab Chywanprash, with ambitions for a PAN India and global product launch. All our offers will be precisely manufactured using raw materials acquired only from the state, greatly enhancing the income and value realization for Uttarakhand’s farmers.”

In an era where customers gravitate towards natural and culturally rich products, Rasna forecasts strong growth in the concentrate syrup sector. As to a recent Euromonitor Report, the Indian concentrate syrup market is projected to burgeon into a billion-dollar business by 2024. Positioned as a market leader, Rasna sees extraordinary progress in this product area, solidifying its presence in Uttarakhand in the years to come.

Rasna’s Himalayan Gulab Sharbat will be offered in two sizes: 750 ml priced at Rs. 160 and 600 ml at Rs. 130. These items will be accessible through Rasna’s enormous network of 1.6 million outlets, served by 26 depots, 200 super stockists, 5000 stockists, and a robust sales force of 900 experts.