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PM Modi for Starting ‘Operation Ajay’ to Evacuate Indians from Israel

‘Operation Ajay’ was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make it easier for Indians to return from Israel, and Kobbi Shoshani, the Israeli Consul General to Midwest India, has praised him for it.

Shoshani made the declaration in a statement on Sunday. “I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching ‘Operation Ajay’ to get Indian citizens back from Israel,” she said. Around 18,000 Indian citizens, including 1,000 students, who we adore, reside in Israel. The Indian business community, which we adore and respect so much, makes a significant contribution to our economy. The nurses and careers from India have integrated into our households. The Israeli government is doing every effort to support “Operation Ajay” by the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

In response to the continuing violence between Israel and Hamas, “Operation Ajay” was started on October 10 to remove Indians from Israel. The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi and the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv are in charge of organizing the operation.

Air India flights are being run as part of the operation from Tel Aviv to India. On October 10, the first flight in the operation left Tel Aviv and arrived in Delhi on October 11. On October 11, the second flight departed from Tel Aviv and touched down in Mumbai on October 12.

All Indians in Israel who wish to return to their country will be evacuated, according to the Indian government. The ministry has also stated that it is offering the Indians who are trapped in Israel all required support.

The beginning of “Operation Ajay” has been warmly embraced by the Indian community in Israel. Many Indians living in Israel have thanked their government for making an effort to evacuate them.