Monday, April 15, 2024
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Income Tax conducted raids on premises to M. Chandrashekar, Secretary, Coffee Board in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: In a massive operation, the Income Tax Department simultaneously invaded 50 specific places that were connected to the city’s jewelers. Sources within the department have confirmed that these targeted forays extended their purview to Mr. M. Chandrashekar’s residence and relationships, in addition to the revered precincts of jewelers’ business establishments. Mr. Chandrashekar is the esteemed Secretary of the Coffee Board.

Several of the city’s most rich and wealthy neighborhoods, including Malleshwaram, Sadashivanagar, Dollars Colony, Mathikere, Sarjapur Road, RMV Extension, and others, played host to these well planned operations. Notably, this initiative comes soon after similar steps taken against jewelers the week before, with the emphasis being on alleged tax fraud in Bengaluru. Our sources have confirmed that the information collected from the documents obtained during those earlier missions was used to plan the current volley of attacks. Some jewelers seem to have once again come under the scrutiny of the tax authorities.

These ongoing efforts also focused on Mr. Chandrashekar, Secretary of the Coffee Board,’s personal and official addresses. Evidently, the transactions and interactions that took place between Mr. Chandrashekar and the jewelers under investigation served as the foundation for these acts. Notably, the police officers organized these simultaneous operations and rolled into the city’s streets in an impressive procession of 120 vehicles.

We are awaiting more information as we wait to learn the general goal of these intrusions. This powerful task force has been assembled from two different locations, Chennai and New Delhi.