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NF Railway CPRO Sabyasachi De Updates on Guwahati Train Derailment

Guwahati: According to NF Railway CPRO Sabyasachi De, the rescue effort for the Kamakhya-bound North-East Express train disaster at Raghunathpur was finished at 2 am this morning. At around 5 a.m. this morning, all passengers were evacuated and set out for their destination from Danapur. Around 11 p.m. tonight, the train is anticipated to arrive at Kamakhya Railway Station.

Around 1000 passengers, of whom 50–60% are from Assam, have begun their journey from Danapur while the line at the site is being cleared. Ex-gratia payments of Rs 10 lakhs for fatal cases, Rs 2.50 lakhs for severe injuries, and Rs 50,000 for minor injuries have already been made, according to the Railway Ministry.

De also said that the cause of the incident was still being looked upon. He did, however, reassure the audience that the Railway Ministry is making every effort to assist the travelers and guarantee their safe arrival at their destination.

Relieved by being saved, passengers want information on safety.

The passengers who were pulled to safety from the disaster scene expressed their relief as well as their rage and indignation at the occurrence. Many of them pressed the Railway Ministry for explanations as to how such a serious disaster could have occurred.

One passenger recalled, “We were all asleep when the train derailed. “The experience was terrible. In the compartments, we were flung around, and several individuals were hurt.

A different traveler remarked, “I’m happy to be alive, but I’m also upset. Why did that take place? Passenger safety is the Railway Ministry’s responsibility, but they have let us down.

The Railway Ministry has committed to looking into the derailment’s cause and taking the necessary steps to stop such mishaps from occurring in the future. The passengers, however, have stated that they won’t be content until they see actual action being made to increase safety on Indian Railways.