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Nadia Chauhan Made Frooti, a 300 crore brand, a youth favorite

Nadia Chauhan began pushing her trademark bottled water brand, Baile, which has since grown into a 1,000 crore industry.  Nadia Chauhan joined Parle Agro at the age of 17 in 2003. She began steps to lessen the company’s reliance on Frooti after joining Parle Agro. Frooti accounted for 95% of Parle Agro’s overall revenue in 2003. Nadia Chauhan then began pushing her trademark packaged water brand, Baile. It has now grown to a 1,000 crore enterprise.

Baile, Parle Agro’s bottled water brand, has done exceptionally well in distribution. The company has relationships with roadside restaurants and long-distance bus operators. As a result, the Parle Agro Group’s revenue more than doubled to 5,000 crore.

Nadia Chauhan made a splash in the shopping sector in 2005 when she introduced Appy Fizz. For the first time in India, the youth got access to apple juice, and there had previously been no competition in this market. Parle Agro’s Appy Fizz business began booming at a 36% annual rate and quickly secured 99% of the market share.

Nadia Chauhan has been innovating for the past 20 years. Even after creating Appy Fizz, she did not abandon her best-selling product, Frooti.

Nadia Chauhan launched Frooti in various varieties a few days later. It was renamed NutriFizz and made available in pet bottles. Nadia Chauhan chose Bollywood actors for its promotion, including an actress at the pinnacle of her career.

Alia Bhatt and Ram Charan began marketing it with eccentric clothing and miniature pet bottles. Nadia Chauhan earned 2,000 crore by spending $300 on advertisement. Frooti currently accounts for around 48% of Parle Agro’s overall income. Nadia Chauhan’s ability to take Parle Agro to new heights is simply astounding.”