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Aman Jain founded the Startup Doodhvale 20 Crore Ravanue cattle farm

“Aman Jain established a cattle farm in order to provide pure milk to his family.” When a large number of people from the surrounding area began to come for pure milk, the proprietor of a dairy company called ‘Doodhwale’ saw an opportunity to expand it into a full-fledged business. Aman Jain, the creator of Doodhwale, says that the company has evolved into a direct-to-consumer dairy and dairy product company that today supplies milk and dairy products, as well as bakery, fruits, and vegetables, to 6 to 7,000 individuals everyday.

Interestingly, e-commerce companies face a huge hurdle in delivering goods to people’s homes around 7:00 a.m. The milkman was able to accomplish this with the assistance of his tech and a determined staff. Aman Jain, the company’s founder, earned an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

He spent seven years at Oyo before joining Doodhwale. According to Aman Jain of the Economic Times, there is a significant gap in the dairy industry. People’s health suffers as a result of impure products, and they don’t get the best value for their money.

Doodhwale began its operations from three cattle farms in Karnal, Sonipat, and Meerut’s Sardhana, with a focus on offering adulteration-free and cheap products. Doodhwale currently has roughly 4,000 cows on various farms, and via them, the company sells approximately 12,000 liters of milk everyday.

Doodhwale currently sells cow’s milk for 70 to 75 cents per liter, while buffalo milk costs 75 to 80 cents per liter. Doodhwale now sells paneer, sweets, yogurt, cold coffee, ghee, and white butter in addition to milk.

Aman Jain underlined that milk and milk products are subjected to three layers of quality control. Every other month, after testing the quality of milk in their lab, external labs are employed to evaluate milk and milk products. Customers are also given test kits to ensure the purity of their milk.

The cattle diet, as well as the milk from the farm from which Doodhwale obtains its milk, are tested, and timely recommendations are made.

The fundamental purpose of Doodhwale is transparency in operations and an emphasis on the quality of milk products. Currently, the company employs 160 workers. The company achieved a turnover of roughly 20 crore in the previous fiscal year, a 35% increase over the previous quarter in the current fiscal year.

Doodhwale expects to generate 40 to 45 crore in revenue from its operations this year. It has also begun grocery delivery services, in addition to fruits, vegetables, and bakery items. The company intends to expand into the breakfast market next. Doodhwale currently sells around 150 goods.”