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Little Italy to expand into London, establishing plant to supply FMCG

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Little Italy Group, the owner of a network of specialized restaurants, made its foray into the gourmet food scene in 2020 with the introduction of “Acasa.” Today, the enterprise has gone a major step forward, revealing its first production facility in Pune dedicated to the same objective.

Acasa’s essence rests on providing epicurean enthusiasts with an array of Italian delights, allowing Indians to easily conjure gourmet feasts within their abodes. DIY kits, distinctive sauces brimming with heritage, artisanal cheeses that embody refinement, and the personification of freshness – pasta – all help to facilitate this gastronomic journey.

“Our aspiration rests in rendering Italian epicurean delights accessible and approachable for the ordinary Indian, with a touch of affordability,” said Amrut Mehta, the Managing Director of Little Italy. Our idea unfolds as a conduit for home chefs, allowing them to seamlessly construct gourmet spectacles from the comfort of their own kitchens. We provide not just items, but also knowledge and ingredients, creating a symphony of factors that enable people to execute culinary genius. With the opening of our new production facility, we’re expanding our menu to include novelties like freshly spun pasta.”

Beyond savory delights, the factory’s expertise extends to desserts that transcend indulgence, handmade breads that beckon with rustic charm, and an array of sauces including salsas, infused oils, and delectable dips. According to the chosen spokesperson, this oasis of workmanship also includes a fleet of state-of-the-art Italian machinery, mixing tradition with technology to yield a crop of unparalleled excellence.

“In our early stages, the core of our story revolves around sharing the tapestry of Italian gastronomy.” Our goal was to infuse the essence of Italy into Indian palates, fostering a cultural crossroads. Our sauces and cheeses are currently carrying the torch for our adventure. However, looking ahead, it’s the freshly made pasta that piques our interest, an innovation that promises to create our place. “Our classics, the arrabiata sauces and the spaghetti, continue to be our best-sellers,” Amrut explained.

“As we continue on our evolutionary path, we remain keen listeners to our customers’ desires.” The current benchmark for Acasa is similar to previous years’ figures – roughly 1.2 crore, which we hope to surpass this year. This statistic, however, pales in comparison to our ultimate goal. Our focus is on market entry, which will be fueled by offerings that are in line with our company’s mission. “We want to be pioneers, not just participants,” he said.

A Pervasive Presence

Acasa’s wares adorn virtual stores such as BigBasket and Instamart, extending their reach through Little Italy’s digital domain. Beyond the virtual sphere, their physical presence can be found in businesses such as Dorabjee’s, Fine Foods, and Deli Essentials.

“Our primary pursuit revolves around expanding the arteries of distribution, threading through modern trade channels,” Amrut emphasizes. Our alliances with Nature’s Basket and Reliance, which are poised to expand our nationwide footprint, are critical to this expansion. Once this framework is in place, our attention will shift to adding additional strands to our tapestry. Gradually, piece by piece, we inch our way toward a bigger market spread.”

  1. A Culinary Journey Through London

Little Italy’s saga generated Rs.82.7 crore in income last year, with 50 outlets spread over 25 locations, fueling hopes of breaking the Rs.100 crore mark in the fiscal ahead. At the same time, the compass points to geographic growth.

“Our dominion thrives in the realms of South India,” remarked Raj Mehta, the helmsman at Little Italy. However, our gaze is drawn northward, where latent opportunities, as well as the global canvas, beckon. Our presence is established in Nepal and Dubai, and now the story is unfolding in London – a gastronomic voyage is about to begin.”