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Factors that will determine everything from opposition to factionalism Rajasthan survey

One aspect that could work in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s favor in the Rajasthan assembly elections is anti-incumbency. However, the state’s Congress administration has been working hard over the past few months to combat it, primarily through the introduction of new welfare programs.

The primary influences on the state’s elections on November 23 are listed below.


Rajasthan voters have switched between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party in every assembly election since 1993, when the BJP took office following a period of President’s rule. It would now be the BJP’s “turn” to establish the government if this anti-incumbency attitude stays true.


Congress leaders Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot may have settled their differences, at least temporarily, prior to the elections. But for years, the party’s strength in Rajasthan has been being drained by its struggle for dominance. If the BJP disregards the former chief minister Vasundhara Raje and her allies, it may also run into trouble.

Social welfare programs and OPS

The restoration of the Old Pension Scheme by the state’s government, a decision that affects approximately 7 lakh government employees and their families, would be emphasized by the Congress campaign.A number of welfare programs have also been introduced by the Gehlot government, including the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, lower-cost LPG cylinders for low-income families, and a social security allowance.

the rule of law

The BJP has often put the Ashok Gehlot administration on the defensive in recent months by emphasising the “deterioration” in law and order, with a special emphasis on violence against women. However, the Congress asserts that whenever an incident occurs, the state responds quickly.

Project for an Eastern Rajasthan Canal

The Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project, which aims to meet the region’s demands for drinking water and irrigation, has been frequently urged by the Congress to be designated as a “national project.” The Congress claims that the BJP has broken its promise regarding the ERCP that it made prior to the previous elections. And from this area, it intends to start its electioneering.

Communal strife

As part of its Hindutva strategy, the BJP has highlighted the racial unrest in Karauli, Jodhpur, and Bhilwara. The party has brought up the destruction of an Alwar temple, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mentioned the death of Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor from Udaipur, for allegedly insulting Islam at rallies.

Paper dries up

In recent months, papers from government recruitment examinations, notably REET for teachers, were leaked. This problem affects thousands of young people who are unemployed. Along with the BJP, the Gehlot administration has also been under fire from rebel Congressman Sachin Pilot on this.

waiver of a farm loan

The BJP charges that the Congress broke its election promise to waive loan payments. According to the government, loans obtained from cooperative banks have been written off, and it is now the role of the Centre to convince commercial banks to forgive the debt farmers owe them.

teacher transfers

One lakh teachers in the third grade are clamoring for transfers to districts of their choosing. The state’s Congress government promises to develop a strategy on this.