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Women and children were yanked from beds by Hamas terrorists

Israeli citizens are waiting in a large line at the Addis Abeba airport for connecting flights to their home country. As Army reservists, several of them have been called up. They are astonished by the terror Hamas has wrought.

Erez Semaria, who referred to the Hamas attackers as “monsters” for killing mothers and children, is among those going home.

“Like monsters from a children’s novel, they were yanking women and children out of their beds and carrying them to Gaza. I’m amazed that they would reveal themselves in this way because typically they are lot more PR-conscious, said Erez Semaria.

“Just the total monsters, indefensible,” he continued. I don’t understand how someone could defend such behavior.Since they haven’t specifically attacked the military during this, they are probably aiming for soft targets. They have primarily concentrated on civilians.

Erez Semaria claimed that the Hamas is actively attacking ordinary people in an exclusive interview with ANI conducted at the Addis Ababa Airport during a layover for an Israel connecting aircraft via Ethiopia.

“I was quite taken aback by how out of character the attack was given what they had previously done with missile attacks. Attacking civilians directly was what this was. I’m not sure what defense they could use, he replied.

American citizen Erez Semaria has lived in Israel for a number of years. The day Hamas attacked Israel inhumanely, Erez and his entire family were vacationing in Japan.

He was going to Israel with his wife, two kids, one son, and other family members. Many families are returning to Israel despite the current conflict in order to support the populace during a difficult period.

Elon Doga, an additional Israeli national at the Addis Abeba Airport who was also traveling back home, declared that he is prepared to take on the terrorists.

“I’m heading home. Elon told ANI at the Adis Abeba airport, “We are prepared to battle these terrorists.

After Hamas attacked Israel brutally, at least 900 Israelis were murdered and another 2,616 were injured.