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Companies Won’t Hire Ex-WWE Star Because They Can’t Control Him

The best wrestling plots are those that straddle the boundary between fact and fiction

The best wrestling plots are those that straddle the boundary between fact and fiction. It occurs when the audience is unsure whether the actors’ in-ring hostility is the consequence of excellent acting or real-life desire to rip each other’s throats out. Then there are the instances where wrestlers may not even have an on-screen rivalry but detest one another to the hilt backstage, just like real coworkers.

Many real-life grudges aren’t usually discussed or resolved because many wrestlers still adhere to the kayfabe standards. There is no need to demystify it by sharing secrets since they want the audiences to continue to believe that what they are viewing is true. But there will come a moment where the hate will overflow in a way that pleases Emperor Palpatine, just like that annoying coworker who insists on singing the MJF theme song before every single meeting. So let’s look at some professional wrestlers who would kill to actually throw a chair over the other person’s head.

Goldberg and Bret Hart
One would have anticipated Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Goldberg to work wonders in WCW given his background with another bald, goateed wrestler who donned plain black trunks. Hart saw stars while wrestling Goldberg at “Starrcade 1999,” yes, but they were all his because his opponent’s hard kick caused him to suffer a painful concussion. Unfortunately, Hart’s concussion along with other similar ailments he sustained forced him to permanently stop competing in ring matches.

Hart disclosed that he had spoken to Goldberg before their battle and had warned him to avoid any risky behavior in the ring during an episode of “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions” (via He claimed that Goldberg was among the most amateur wrestlers to ever work in the industry. “Bill Goldberg damaged everyone he worked with, and he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. You could as well engage in gorilla wrestling. In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Goldberg responded to Hart’s remarks, pointing out that the errant kick was an accident and that Hart wouldn’t be able to talk about it if he had actually intended to damage his opponent.

Ryback and CM Punk
CM Punk faced a lot of opposition throughout his 434-day reign as WWE Champion. No one anticipated that his encounters with Ryback would garner as much attention as his matches with Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and The Rock. Punk attacked Ryback during an appearance on Colt Cabana’s The Art of Wrestling podcast. He said that wrestling with the former Skip Sheffield had cut decades off of his life.

Punk stated, “I have to face ‘Steroid Guy,’ who is incredibly strong, and I’m already beat up. I call it like I see it. He is seriously hurt. sometimes on purpose. He once kicked me in the stomach so forcefully that he cracked my ribs right at the back of them. I never received an apology for that, either.

In retaliation, Ryback attacked Punk on social media. He explained on Ryback TV that he will keep doing this because Punk’s remarks about him were untrue and detrimental to his career. In response to Punk’s announcement that he needed surgery the same week he won the AEW World Championship, Ryback tweeted, “Karma rules.” That much is certain: it doesn’t seem likely that these two will go to a Living Colour concert together anytime soon.