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Ghee Sankranti traditional festival of Uttarakhand

Today, August 17, is Ghee Sankranti, a day of celebration. Essentially, this is a well-known folk event in Uttarakhand. Singh Sankranti is another name for Ghee Sankranti. When Surya Dev, the ruler of the planets, leaves the sign of Cancer and enters the sign of Leo, it is known as Ghee Sankranti or Singh Sankranti. After taking a dip in one of the sacred rivers on this day, worship the Sun God and give to the needy. Along with the sun’s elegance and the virtue of bathing and giving, bad luck also shines. On Ghee Sankranti, people congratulate and send each other wishes.

What does Ghee Sankranti represent?
Consuming ghee on the day of Ghee Sankranti is fortunate and profitable, according to Dr. Mrityunjay Tiwari, head of the astrology department at Shri Kallaji Vedic University. This enhances health while also sharpening the mind. Ghee Sankranti is the name given to this day since ghee is used on it. It is stated that individuals who skip eating ghee on Ghee Sankranti will have a snail for a child’s next birth.

What time of year is lucky for Ghee Sankranti in 2023?
At 01:44 today, when the Sun God enters the Leo zodiac sign, it will be Ghee Sankranti. But the bath, contribution, and worship have begun this morning at 6:44 a.m. Ghee Sankranti’s Punya Kaal is from 06:44 to 01:44 and Mahapunya is from 11:33 to 01:44.

Magha Nakshatra’s Ghee Sankranti and Parigha Yoga
On the day of Ghee Sankranti, there is Parigh Yoga and Magha Nakshatra. Magha Nakshatra lasts from early in the morning until 7:58 PM, whereas Parigha Yoga lasts from early in the morning till 7:30 PM. Today is Pratipada Tithi, and the Shukla Paksha of Sawan has begun. The dawn this morning is at 05:51.

Method of prayer and ghee donation on Ghee Sankranti in 2023
Take a bath at home if you won’t be able to bathe in a holy river today. Take a bath by adding Ganga water to water. Put on clean clothes after that. Then present Arghya together with water to the Sun God. Fill a saucepan with water and use that. Incorporate jaggery and red flowers into it, then offer Arghya while reciting Om Suryaya Namah. Recite the Surya Chalisa and the Aditya Hriday Stotra if you have time.

Items for donations on Ghee Sankranti
After worship, give. You should donate red clothing, cash, ghee, jaggery, wheat, copper kitchenware, etc. on this day, according on your capacity. As a result, your bad luck will shine since the Sun God in your horoscope is strengthened. There will be more status and professional achievement.