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BRICS Dynamics: China’s Push and India’s Resistance

China’s request that Pakistan be admitted to the BRICS alliance has caused waves in the currents of world diplomacy. This proposal, however, is not without its share of difficulties and diplomatic nuances. China’s desire to increase the number of BRICS members stems from its conviction that this alliance should extend its arms farther to include emerging states. China thus uses this stance to support Pakistan’s cause.

India, though, remains a steadfast defender of the alliance’s status quo as the sun sets on one side of the argument. India speaks out against the expansion of BRICS because it worries about the potential dilution of the group’s primary goals and the unity generated among its current members. India has held this position in the past; even when Belarus presented their application to join the BRICS, India’s objection persisted.

Pakistan’s name appears in the history of 2023 with that of Argentina, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, all of which have expressed a desire to join the BRICS group. The backdrop for these goals is the growing dissatisfaction in these emerging countries with the strict rules enforced by institutions dominated by the West. They also see Western principles through a skeptical lens, portraying them as masks covering self-interest.

An earlier virtual meeting organized by China revealed a divide inside the BRICS. Pakistan accused “a member” of obstructing its participation in this online assembly. The event was discussed by Pakistan’s Foreign Office, highlighting their intention to take part in a high-level discussion on global growth in the context of the alliance’s most recent summit, which was held in China.

Imagine yourself in the throbbing metropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa, where a three-day symposium that started on August 22 is taking place. For the BRICS Summit 2023, the heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will be in attendance.

The discussion of BRICS’ expansion is a key topic of discussion at this summit. What was once a partnership of five developing nations is now at a fork in the road, contemplating the futures of its members.