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Biden to visit India from September 7-10 to attend G20 Leaders’ Summit

In a significant diplomatic stride, the global stage is set for a momentous event as US President Joe Biden, along with an esteemed assembly of world leaders, prepares to descend upon India for the highly anticipated G20 Summit scheduled from September 7 to September 10. With its headquarters in the capital city of New Delhi, this summit is projected to be a convergence of influential minds and an emblematic display of international cooperation. This prestigious occasion will not only bolster diplomatic ties but also project India onto the global center stage, reaffirming its position as an influential player in the international arena.

G20 Summit: A Pinnacle of International Diplomacy

The G20 Summit, a gathering of the world’s leading economies, serves as a pivotal platform for global leaders to come together, engage in meaningful dialogue, and address pressing global issues. The upcoming summit, set against the backdrop of the vibrant Indian capital, holds the promise of fostering collaboration among 29 heads of state, top officials from the European Union, invited guest countries, and representatives from 14 international organizations. This assembly of distinguished personalities underlines the significance of the event on a global scale.

Earmarked Excellence: Hotels Prepare for the Summit

With the world’s gaze turning towards India, the accommodations for the attending dignitaries demand nothing but the utmost excellence. A slew of luxury hotels in Delhi-NCR have been meticulously earmarked to host the summit attendees. These illustrious establishments include the ITC Maurya, Taj Palace, The Oberoi, The Lodhi, The Imperial, and Le Meridien. Notably, the ITC Maurya stands ready to welcome President Biden and his entourage within its opulent premises.

A Legacy of Hospitality: ITC Maurya’s Illustrious Guest List

The ITC Maurya, a distinguished name in the world of hospitality, has played host to some of history’s most prominent leaders. Past guests of this opulent haven include former US Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, along with an array of other esteemed heads of state. As the hotel prepares to accommodate President Biden, it finds itself under the watchful gaze of the US Secret Service, which is meticulously inspecting the premises to ensure the utmost security.

A Global Melting Pot: Diplomatic Residences Across Delhi

Delhi’s hospitality canvas extends beyond the ITC Maurya, showcasing the city’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of global leaders. The Taj Hotel is poised to house Chinese President Xi Jinping, symbolizing the diplomatic exchange between India and China. Likewise, the Hotel Shangri-La is gearing up to host the UK’s Rishi Sunak and officials from Germany. The Claridges will extend its warm embrace to French President Emmanuel Macron and his accompanying officials, while the Imperial Hotel in Delhi will be home to Australian PM Anthony Albanese.

An Administrative Shift: Preparations for a Grand Summit

With the impending summit casting its shadow over the city, administrative preparations are in full swing. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has endorsed a proposal calling for the closure of offices and commercial establishments across the Union Territory. As reports indicate, private and Delhi government offices are slated to remain closed from September 8 to September 10. This strategic move aims to streamline traffic flow and create a controlled zone to facilitate the success of the summit.

A Plea for a Public Holiday: Navigating the Summit’s Success

The magnitude of the G20 Summit’s impact on Delhi’s daily affairs has prompted Special Police Commissioner Madhup Tiwari to earnestly appeal for a public holiday from September 8 to September 10. In a letter addressed to the chief secretary, Tiwari emphasizes the necessity of closing commercial and business establishments within the indicated “controlled zone.” This appeal seeks to ensure that the summit unfolds smoothly and without disruptions, underscoring the importance of seamless execution for the event’s overall success.

The impending visit of US President Joe Biden to India for the G20 Leaders’ Summit marks a significant chapter in the nation’s diplomatic narrative. With an illustrious lineup of world leaders set to gather in New Delhi, the summit promises to serve as a crucible for forging international cooperation and addressing critical global challenges. As hotels across the city brace to welcome their esteemed guests, Delhi undergoes a transformative administrative shift to create an environment conducive to successful diplomacy. The appeal for a public holiday underscores the dedication and meticulous planning behind the summit’s execution. Ultimately, this momentous event amplifies India’s stature on the global stage and reinforces its role as a harbinger of diplomatic dialogue and progress.