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Bloating: Green Tea & Other Drinks Can Help With Digestion

It is advised to speak with a healthcare provider for a more thorough assessment and recommendations if bloating persists or develops into a chronic problem.

Bloating is a term used to describe a sense of heaviness or discomfort in the abdomen brought on by an excess of gas or fluid in the digestive system. It may cause belching, flatulence, or a significantly swollen abdomen. Green tea is frequently thought to possess certain qualities that can lessen bloating.

Although there is scant scientific proof, several studies indicate that green tea may improve digestion and lessen gas production. Green tea includes substances including catechins and polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory qualities and may be able to reduce the symptoms of bloating. We provide a list of beverages that have been demonstrated to be beneficial in decreasing bloating in this post.

Other beverages than green tea may also help to lessen bloating:

Ginger tea

Due to its inherent anti-inflammatory characteristics, ginger can aid to soothe digestion and lessen bloating. Simply slice fresh ginger and soak it for 10 minutes or so in boiling water to make ginger tea. For more flavor, you can add honey or lemon.

Tea with peppermint 

For generations, people have used peppermint tea to relieve gastrointestinal problems including bloating. Bloating and gas are lessened as a result of the digestive system’s muscles being relaxed. Enjoy a peppermint tea bag after steeping it in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Lemon water,

As a natural diuretic, lemon water increases urine and decreases water retention, which causes bloating. Drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon in it first thing in the morning.

 Fennel tea

Due to the carminative characteristics of fennel seeds, bloating, gas, and tightness in the digestive tract can be reduced. To create fennel tea, crush 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds and let them steep in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Chamomile tea, 

With its calming and anti-inflammatory qualities, chamomile tea can reduce bloating and calm the digestive tract. Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea after steeping a bag in hot water for around five minutes.

Mint and cucumber detox water

Due to its high water content and ability to work naturally as a diuretic, cucumbers aid in detoxifying and lessen bloating. Put fresh mint leaves and thinly sliced cucumber in a pitcher of water, and then wait a few hours before drinking.

 A green smoothie with ginger and pineapple

Bromelain enzymes, which are found in pineapple, help with digestion and lower inflammation. Blend spinach, fresh pineapple chunks, ginger slices, and a little amount of water. Enjoy after blending till smooth.

 Kiwi and papaya smoothie

Both papaya and kiwi have enzymes that aid in the digestion of proteins. Have it as a cooling smoothie by blending peeled, sliced papaya and kiwi with some water or coconut water until smooth.