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31 million Indian customers will likely upgrade to 5G smartphones in 2023

According to Ericsson, 31 million Indian customers are anticipated to switch to 5G phones in 2023, with strong app engagement and satisfaction.

An rapid adoption of the ultra high-speed services in the nation is predicted to result in up to 31 million Indian consumers upgrading to 5G phones in 2023, according to a forecast by Ericsson.

Indian 5G users adopt apps more frequently than their international counterparts.

According to Ericsson Consumer Lab’s Global Survey, the overall network satisfaction in India has increased by a “impressive” 30% over 4G.

According to the report, 31 million consumers could upgrade to 5G phones in 2023 depending on tech attitudes and pricing. This offers a huge chance for the country to implement 5G more widely, it added.

The significant daily usage of apps like streaming HD video, video calling, mobile gaming, and augmented reality makes 5G consumers in India stand out.

Comparatively to users in other early adopter 5G markets including the US, the UK, South Korea, China, and many others, they use these services on average two hours more every week.

Additionally, India’s perceived availability of 5G and levels of 5G satisfaction are on par with or higher than those in early adopter markets. In comparison to the early adopter market average, India has a surprising 13% more highly satisfied 5G users, it claimed.

According to a poll by a Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer, switching from 4G to 5G results in a significant 30% boost in overall satisfaction, with faster download speeds being a major factor in this.