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Youtuber Anurag Doval, The Phenomenal Motovlogger and Social Media Sensation

Dehradun (Mohan Bhulani) : Anurag Doval, commonly recognized as UK07Rider and lovingly dubbed Babu Bhaiya, is not just a renowned player in the world of motovlogging but a social media influencer whose journey has captivated the hearts of millions around the globe. With his daring bike trips and fascinating material, Anurag has built a niche for himself in the internet sphere, developing a vast fan base and a legacy that resonates across countries.

Rise to Prominence

Since launching his YouTube business in January 2018, Anurag has garnered an incredible 7.21 million subscribers with his engaging videos, displaying his thrilling bike trips throughout different terrains. His appeal rose, particularly when he embarked on a crucial journey to the Pakistan-Kartarpur corridor, a pivotal incident that represented a significant turning point in his career.

Global Fan Following

Anurag Doval’s influence stretches well beyond his hometown of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. His popularity spreads across Nepal, Bhutan, and beyond, proving the universal appeal of his work. His videos have gone viral on different social media platforms, establishing his position as a recognized motovlogger and influencer.

The Bike Enthusiast

Anurag’s passion for bikes appears in his outstanding collection, claiming ownership of varied models such as the KTM RC 200, BMW GS 310, Kawasaki Z900, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Kawasaki ZX10R, and Suzuki Hayabusa. His fondness for these machines combines wonderfully with his adventurous personality, as evidenced in his spectacular excursions and chronicled experiences.

Anurag Doval’s Advocacy and Support

Not simply limited to the world of motovlogging, Anurag extends his support to individuals and causes important to his heart. His endorsement of Elvish Yadav during the latter’s time in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 highlights Anurag’s commitment to genuine connections over financial gain. In a statement to India Forum, Anurag stressed the value of true relationships, adding that his support for Elvish was built in mutual respect rather than monetary motivations.

Monetizing Platforms and Achievements

Anurag Doval earns a major chunk of his income from sites like YouTube and Instagram. His compelling material and enormous viewership enable him to earn between Rs 5 to 7 lakh every month. A Dehradun alumnus, Anurag holds a BSc degree, displaying his commitment to education with his successful job as a motovlogger.