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Rishikesh-Based Hillways Construction Secures Package-3 Tender for Kanpur Ring Road Project

Dehradun: The landscape of infrastructure development in India continues to witness impressive advancements with the recent allocation of tenders for the Kanpur Ring Road project. Hillways Construction, a respected enterprise established in Rishikesh, has clinched the acclaimed Package-3 tender for this crucial undertaking. This package covers a 19.2-kilometer stretch ranging from Ramaipur to Atta Gaon, equating to an estimated cost of Rs 613 crore.

Significance of the Project

The Kanpur Ring Road project, a crucial attempt in boosting the region’s connectivity, aims to enhance transportation infrastructure while alleviating traffic congestion. This strategic undertaking, spanning a total distance of 93 kilometers, assumes significant importance in fostering seamless travel, stimulating economic growth, and strengthening the overall infrastructural environment.

Milestone Achievements

With the recent awarding of Package-3 to Hillways Construction, three out of the four packages for the Kanpur Ring Road project have been successfully assigned. The remaining 67 kilometers of the projected 93-kilometer road network have been duly awarded, signaling great progress in the project’s implementation.

Detailed Package Breakdown

  • Package-1: Covering a 23.3-kilometer stretch from Sachendi to Mandhana, Hillways Construction secured this piece at a cost of Rs 647 crore.
  • Package-4: Encompassing a 24.5-kilometer stretch from Sachendi to Madhgaon, the contract was granted at a cost of Rs 547 crore.
  • Package-2: This segment, spanning a distance of 26 kilometers, remains the sole package awaiting allocation, yet to be given. Once completed, the full expanse of the Kanpur Ring Road will be comprehensively accounted for.

Timeline and Project Progress

Anticipated initiation of work on Package-1 and Package-4 is slated post-Deepawali, reflecting a deliberate effort to initiate the development phase swiftly. The suggested timeframe indicates a commitment to efficient execution and underscores the seriousness with which the project is being tackled.

Future Implications

The successful acquisition of these tenders by Hillways Construction indicates a promising future for the Kanpur Ring Road project. With its commitment to excellence and devotion to strict quality standards, Hillways Construction is ready to contribute considerably to the region’s infrastructural growth.