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Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023 Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dehradun : Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the ‘Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023’ today at the prestigious Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The Ground Breaking Wall was unveiled and the prime minister visited an exhibition to commemorate the occasion. The primary subject of the summit was “Peace to Prosperity,” and Prime Minister Modi also spearheaded the launch of the book “Sashakt Uttarakhand” and the creation of the “House of Himalayas” brand.

Speaking to the gathered crowd, Prime Minister Modi emphasized his earlier forecast that Uttarakhand would experience its golden age in the third decade of the century by expressing his happiness to be in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. With a sense of satisfaction, he saw that this vision is now becoming a reality. Prime Minister Modi praised the State Government and everyone who helped in the successful rescue operation at the Silkyara tunnel, stressing Uttarakhand’s special fusion of development and religion.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed his strong bond with Uttarakhand and presented the state as a place where advancement and spirituality coexist. He read aloud from one of his poems to further drive home this point. Prime Minister Modi compared the nation to the SWOT analysis carried out by international firms while addressing the assembled investors as stalwarts of the industry. He emphasized that the results of this kind of analysis would show how many opportunities, aspirations, optimism, and confidence the nation possesses. The Prime Minister also discussed policy-driven governance metrics and the political stability that Indian citizens are committed to, saying that “Aspirational India desires a stable government over instability.”

Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the public voted on the basis of good governance and its demonstrated track record while reflecting on the most recent assembly elections. In spite of obstacles such as the Covid epidemic and geopolitical unpredictability, he emphasized India’s capacity to advance quickly, making it stand out among the world’s leading economies. For this outstanding standing, Prime Minister Modi attributed it to India’s faith in its abilities and policies, whether they pertain to economic plans or the development of corona vaccinations.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the joint efforts of the twin engine government, which functions at both the state and federal levels. He noted that while local issues are handled by state governments, the federal government of India is investing historically large sums of money in Uttarakhand. He feels that this synergy opens up new opportunities in the fields of agriculture, industry, warehousing, logistics, tourism, and hospitality.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the double engine government’s initiative to promote border areas as the country’s premier villages, challenging the previous government’s policy of limiting access to these areas. In order to address the development of villages and areas that are falling behind in terms of development standards, he brought attention to the Aspirational Districts and Aspirational Blocks initiative. Prime Minister Modi called attention to Uttarakhand’s unrealized potential and advised investors to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Prime Minister Modi discussed the expansion of Uttarakhand’s tourism industry under the “double engine” government. He brought up the idea of developing theme-based travel routes to introduce visitors to India’s natural heritage. Declaring that the state of Uttarakhand has the potential to become a symbol of nature, culture, and legacy, he advised investors to give special attention to chances and research in the fields of adventure sports, yoga, Ayurveda, and pilgrimage. Prime Minister Modi urged the nation’s youth and wealthy to plan at least one wedding celebration in Uttarakhand within the next five years, emulating the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Wade in India’ movements. “Even with 5000 weddings annually in Uttarakhand, a new infrastructure will emerge, transforming the state into a global wedding destination,” he said as part of an exhibit of India’s resolve.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Change is in the air in India. Over the past ten years, an ambitious India has surfaced, providing plans and possibilities to a significant portion of the previously underprivileged populace. Millions of people are coming out of poverty, and both the middle class and the neo-middle class are making greater contributions to the economy.” He emphasized the potential of India’s middle class and asked investors to take note of the enormous market that Uttarakhand’s middle class creates.

The Prime Minister congratulated the Uttarakhand government for launching the House of Himalayas brand, calling it a groundbreaking initiative to promote homegrown Uttarakhand goods internationally. Mr. Modi said, “The House of Himalayas significantly bolsters our commitment to Vocal for Local and Local for Global.” Reiterating that goods from every Indian block and district had global potential, he emphasized the need to explore foreign markets for these local products and urged investors to identify them in various districts. In addition, he urged them to investigate joint ventures with FPOs and women’s self-help organizations, seeing potential for a mutually beneficial cooperation to promote a local-global link. Using the Lakhpati Didi campaign as an example, the Premier declared that he was committed to raising two crore wealthy sisters from rural areas and that the launch of the Himalaya brand will give this project even more momentum. He was appreciative of the Uttarakhand government for initiating this project.

Remembering his Red Fort declaration on strengthening national character, the Premier said, “Our efforts have to go beyond international standards. Our norms should be emulated by the globe.” Now, he said, the focus should be on increasing export-oriented manufacturing. He emphasized how important it is to strengthen local supply chains and MSMEs by making innovative investments.

The Prime Minister issued a warning against packaged food that poses as healthy, even though India has a plethora of healthy foods like millets. He highlighted the potential of organic food in line with AYUSH and outlined the advantages it offers to farmers and business owners in the state. Even with packaged goods, he pleaded with attendees to help spread locally produced goods around the world.