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US call to Pune police alerting them to alleged terrorists hiding in Mumbai

At one in the morning on Tuesday, a worrying phone came into the Pune Police Control Room informing them that there were terrorists in Mumbai. Pune Police swiftly informed their Mumbai counterparts after acting on the information. The Mumbai Crime Branch is actively looking into this case right now.

The call was made from the United States, according to sources. The caller claimed that someone working with terrorists was present in Mumbai. This person allegedly claimed to have ties to terrorists while simultaneously working at a Worli-based investment company.

The Crime Branch began looking into the caller’s identity after receiving the information from Pune Police. It was discovered that Arth Panchal, the caller, had given information about the alleged terrorist, including their name and mobile number.
Complex Probe reveals School Rivalry

Further investigation uncovered a link between the suspect and the caller. The suspect, who at first appeared to have connections to terrorists, was later identified as an ex-IIT-Bombay student living in the UK. It’s interesting to note that both the caller and the suspect were former students of the same Ahmedabad school.
Academic Discord Among Excellence

The investigation turned up a history of rivalry between the defendant and the caller, Arth Panchal. According to reports, the rivalry started because of the suspect’s academic success, which made Panchal envious.

The suspect, who currently resides in the UK and attended IIT-Bombay, was eventually located abroad. Panchal refuted his earlier statement, stating that the person he was referring to was a Pune resident. Although the caller’s phone number looked to be from the US, police are carefully trying to confirm its legitimacy.

Tracking Technological Challenges

It has proven difficult to trace the caller’s number despite technological efforts. The challenge of pinpointing the precise source is made more difficult by the displayed number’s appearance to come from a different nation. However, preliminary research indicates that the victim works in the UK while the caller is based in the USA, creating a complicated situation that mirrors a rivalry that dates back to their time in Ahmedabad’s public schools.

The victim works in the UK, while the caller works in the USA. They both attended the same school in Ahmedabad and have been rivals ever since they were little, according to the police officer.