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Residents in Rishikesh are in a state of panic as groundwater leaks out of the floors

Residents and authorities in the Ganganagar area of Uttarakhand are concerned because groundwater has started to flow out of the flooring of some homes as a result of the nonstop rain.

“The region is situated along the Ganga’s banks, and because there is no adequate drainage system, it is always flooded during the rainy season. Water seeping through the flooring of homes due to the monsoon’s extended period of heavy rain has gotten worse, according to Ekant Goyal, a social worker in the Ganganagar neighborhood.

Anoop Mittal, a retired government official, ascribed the issue to a sudden spike in the area’s ground water level as a result of severe rainfall.

“The sewer infrastructure in the Ganganagar area has failed. For the safety of the homes in Ganganagar, the state government should take quick action to pump out water from the area and carry out a geological investigation of the groundwater sources, he said.

Some residents are so terrified that they intend to sell off their colony holdings and relocate abroad.

“Unplanned development is to blame for everything. Authorities authorized housing plans regardless of whether they blocked aquifers. As a result, buildings were built over water-filled aquifers that are now pouring through the floors, according to Ashutosh Sharma, president of the Uttarakhand Jan Vikas Manch. He also suggested that Rishikesh should have a new sewage design for the next 100 years.

Rahul Kumar Goyal, the municipal commissioner of Rishikesh, however, stated that quick action is being made to pump out water from the region.

Premchand Aggrawal, the state’s minister of urban development, also went to the colony to assess the situation.

“The government did not provide the necessary attention to installing a proper drainage system while Ganganagar was being created. According to him, the scenario may have been caused by waterlogging caused by a six-inch sewer line in the region becoming clogged with slush.

He stated that as a long-term solution to the issue, the state government has struck a deal with a German business to create an impenetrable sewage plan for the entirety of Rishikesh and install the sewer lines by next year.