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Three new criminal laws are about to become active start from July 1

Delhi (News Trust of India) : Set to start on July 1, three new criminal laws are about to become active. Today, the government published an official notice about this important news. These new laws are set to replace the old British-era Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Indian Evidence Act, and the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). They will start being used from the date indicated in the announcement. The trio includes the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Civil Protection Code, and the Indian Evidence Act.

In the Winter Session, both parts of Parliament approved the three proposals. Later, President Droupadi Murmu approved these new criminal laws, making them officially valid. The law started being used when the President approved it, marking a new time in criminal law. Important changes include updating the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, and the Indian Penal Code.

Experts say that these new rules will greatly increase punishments for crimes related to terrorism, mob violence, and actions that threaten national security.

The updated Indian Penal Code includes 20 new crimes and removes 19 rules, while also increasing jail terms for 33 felonies. Furthermore, it augments penalties for 83 offenses, sets minimum sentences for 23, and contains provisions for community service in six instances.

In his presentation to the Rajya Sabha, Union Home Minister Amit Shah stressed that the enforcement of these rules will speed justice delivery and mark the end of interminable judicial proceedings. He lauded the measures as historic milestones, highlighting their commitment to defending people’ rights and prioritizing the safety of women and children.

Indian Penal Code (IPC): Renamed as the Indian Judicial Code, it undergoes considerable revisions, decreasing its parts from 511 to 358. Noteworthy changes include the creation of 21 new crimes, increased jail terms for 41 offenses, heightened fines for 82 offenses, introduction of obligatory minimum sentences for 25 offenses, and inclusion of community service provisions for six offenses, alongside the deletion of 19 sections.

Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC): Renamed as the Indian Civil Defence Code, this statute undergoes modifications, expanding its provisions from 484 to 531. Notable revisions include 177 altered sections, creation of nine new sections, and deletion of 14 sections.

Indian Evidence Act: Renamed as the Indian Evidence Code, it undergoes modifications, raising its sections from 167 to 170. Notable modifications include 24 alterations, inclusion of two new sections, and deletion of six sections.