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The Wizad Revolution: AI-Driven Branding for Small and Medium Businesses

Ambition should never be constrained by size in the changing world of business. The need to establish a recognizable brand transcends an enterprise’s size. But a significant obstacle that many small and medium-sized firms must overcome is a lack of knowledge and resources needed to build a strong brand presence. Keeping up with the constantly changing advertising sector might feel like an impossible effort as well. But do not worry; a team of creative individuals from Kerala, India, has vowed to alter this story. Their creation, Wizad, is a digital firm that is creating waves with its AI-based design application and is specifically designed to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to boldly enter the vast cyberspace.

The Magic of AI-Generated Branding: The Wizad Approach

Sanid, Pranav Varma, and Arwitvik Puravankara created the firm Wizad in 2021. Wizad has adopted an innovative strategy to handle the branding difficulties encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises. Together with Pranav Varma (a CET and IIM-Nagpur alumnus) and Arwitvik Puravankara (a National Institute of Technology Calicut alumnus), Sanid, a graduate of CET and the University of Woolongong in Australia, set out on this adventure with a common goal.

Covid Insight Sparking Innovation

Wizad is not Sanid’s first business endeavor. In actuality, he and Arwitvik formerly had an advertising firm. The spark of creativity, however, was lit during the trying times of the Covid epidemic. Many of the small businesses connected to them were looking for a means to make inexpensive promotional materials. The cost of using manual techniques was prohibitive. The notion of an automated platform was born during this difficult time.

According to Sanid, “during the Covid epidemic, several small businesses contacted us, wondering whether it would be feasible to produce advertising materials at a reasonable price. The expense of doing everything manually would have been high, therefore we had the notion of an automated platform. Wizad was created with this aim in mind, and Pranav Varma joined the endeavor, bringing his skills to the table.

The Wizad App’s Foundation

Wizad made the audacious decision to create its own AI-driven design software, which is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. But first, they took orders personally rather than immediately making it available to the whole public. They chose to make it available to the public during the Onam holiday season, a key cultural event in Kerala. Their objective? to determine whether the market is ready to buy their product.

It was nothing short of a massive response. According to Sanid, “The Onam campaign, run in conjunction with the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), inspired small businesses to design their own promo cards with Onam themes. The success of this campaign has inspired us to carry out comparable efforts during national festival seasons.

Model for Revenue and Funding

Wizad employs what they refer to as a “credit system.” Customers can download a certain amount of photographs free of the Wizad watermark by paying a small price. Even though the software is now fully functioning, the company is still providing assistance for a small number of regular users under its former business model.

The firm, situated in Kalamassery’s Kerala Technology Innovation Zone, has obtained crucial capital to enable its expansion. They received a productization award of Rs 7 lakh from KSUM, and a starting capital of Rs 25 lakh from Startup India. These investments demonstrate the promise and potential that Wizad possesses.

Having confidence when competing

Sanid and his colleagues are well aware of the competition in a field where generative AI applications are proliferating. However, they are sure that Wizad will succeed. Their trump card? a well crafted product that is well suited to the demands of small businesses, as well as a focused marketing strategy.