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Success Story of Vikas D. Nahar founder Happilo startup

Indian businessman Vikas D. Nahar is well-known in the market for nutritious foods. He is the creator of Happilo International, a business that focuses on providing premium dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dates, hampers, and other products. Vikas persevered in the face of multiple rejections and was able to raise money for Happilo, which is today a well-known health food company.

Many prospective business owners might learn from Vikas’s motivational path. Let’s read about the successful path of the man who had around twenty rejections before he raised his first round of funding for his business.

Early Years and Personal Life of Vikas D. Nahar

In 1984, Vikas D. Nahar was born in Bangalore. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs that operate a coffee and pepper farm. Dhanmal Nahar, Vikas’ father, owns a business. Vikas has always looked up to his father as a role model since he was a little child. He picked up these traits from his father, who taught him that perseverance, patience, and fearlessness are the secrets to success.

On March 2, 2014, Vikas wed Sunita Bansal, according to his personal life. A daughter was born to the couple.

Veerendar Nahar, Vikas’ only sibling, serves as the managing director of Satvikk Speciality Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas D. Nahar – Career and Education

Vikas graduated from Bangalore University with a degree in computer application. Following that, from 2008 to 2010, he attended the Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development in Pune to complete an MBA in Marketing. Vikas worked as a Senior Import Manager for Asia at Jain Group Pvt. Ltd. for three years prior to enrolling in an MBA program.

Vikas successfully managed and maintained relationships with foreign clients at Jain Group, particularly those from Asia. In addition to this, he carried out a number of operations in the imports division and oversaw customs clearance at the Chennai port.

Vikas Nahar was chosen at this time to be a member of the induction team. He provided training to team members and new personnel. Additionally, he has experience trading on the MCX, NCDEX, NMCE, NSE, and BSE terminals.

Since Vikas was a preadolescent, the roots of entrepreneurship have been deeply ingrained in him thanks to his businessman father. Vikas worked in the family business for a period after finishing his schooling. He came to terms with his own strengths as an entrepreneur at that point.

As the Managing Director, Vikas joined the business Satvikk Speciality Foods Pvt. Ltd. in 2010. The first location of this grocery shop with a focus on wellness opened in Bangalore in December 2011. During his time there, he increased corporate growth while maintaining a commitment to quality, nutrition, and health. He painstakingly worked with his team to create and enhance its products and processes with the goal of providing a variety of nutrient-rich tasting products while upholding the highest standards of quality. They were masters in high-end spices, chocolates, dry fruits, sugar-free foods, organic beverages, biscuits, juices, and snacks. It was his idea to start with a limited assortment and subsequently expand it to include roughly 40 different types of dry fruits, 100 types of chocolate, and 60 types of spices, offering their consumers practically everything they could want. Veerendar Nahar, Vikas’ brother, is currently Satvikk Speciality Foods’ managing director.

Created by Vikas D. Nahar, Happilo

After working for almost five years at Satvikk and a few years at his family’s company, Vikas made the decision to launch his own business. He established Happilo, his startup, in 2016.

He took the initiative to make snacking more wholesome for everyone. Vikas faced some difficult obstacles in the beginning. He revealed in an interview that it took him 20 rejections before he was able to secure the first investment for his business.

Vikas launched “Trail Mix” as its first product after experimenting in different approaches and identifying the proper enthusiasm. The product quickly became a smashing success. Vikas’ Happilo has continued to stretch its boundaries ever since.

It was mentioned that due to the company’s success, items are now shipped in 40-foot containers rather than manually counting small passenger cars as they were in the past.

With his business, Happilo, which is now a well-known brand of gourmet healthy snacks, Vikas’s intentions came through clearly. He started his business with the core principles of joy and love in mind.

His company is also the prestigious Indian Premier League franchise, Rajasthan Royals, and its title sponsor. It is admirable how he built his company within 7 years, starting with a mere Rs. 10,000 initial investment and now generating an average of over Rs. 500 crores in annual sales.