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Spanish Football Federation calls for resignation of Luis Rubiales amid kiss controversy

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The resignation of Luis Rubiales has sparked debate inside the Spanish Football Federation.

Regional leaders of the Spanish Football Federation have demanded for the immediate resignation of their President, Luis Rubiales, in an ongoing controversy. This appeal stems from charges of a strong kiss placed upon player Jenni Hermoso during the joyous celebrations of the women’s team’s World Cup victory.

The inflammatory resignation call was given in an official statement released on Tuesday, August 29th, following an emergency conference of the federation’s regional presidents.

The fallout from this incident has even reached the highest levels of soccer governance, with FIFA taking the unprecedented step of suspending Rubiales on Saturday in response to allegations of unwanted advances toward a female player during the joyous celebrations of the women’s team’s World Cup victory.

In view of recent upheaval and alleged affronts to the integrity of Spanish football’s reputation, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) issued a firm demand. The committee of regional presidents expressed a unanimous desire for Mr. Luis Rubiales to resign as president of the RFEF as soon as possible.

All 19 regional presidents joined in a chorus of support for Pedro Rocha as interim RFEF president. According to the official statement, their objective is to usher in an era of open conversations and reconciliatory steps among all football institutions. This change comes on the heels of FIFA’s suspension of Rubiales, which prompted Rocha to assume the presidency.

Following these developments, the statement included an unequivocal declaration: a determined plea to the competent authorities for a comprehensive and immediate reform of critical responsibilities within the federation, in order to permit a renewed chapter in Spanish football governance.

Rubiales, engulfed in a maelstrom of rising requests for his resignation, has been thrown into a formal investigation that could result in sexual aggression charges being brought out by Spanish prosecutors.

Viewers were also attracted by the simmering controversy, which was illustrated by the Spanish federation’s threat of legal action in response to what they called ‘falsehoods’ surrounding Hermoso’s charges.

A Mother’s Fierce Protest

In a touching twist, Rubiales’ mother went on a hunger strike, barricading herself inside a church in protest of her son’s alleged unjust and murderous punishment. This act, as told by the Spanish media, represented Angeles Bejar’s intention to remain in the boundaries of the cathedral in Motril, near Granada in southern Spain, indefinitely until justice was served for Rubiales.

Rubiales’ activities concerning 33-year-old forward Hermoso are at the center of the continuing dispute. The incident in question occurred following Spain’s historic victory over England in the Women’s World Cup.

Rubiales admitted his mistake, but insisted the kiss was consensual. Hermoso, on the other hand, refuted this claim, claiming that she had not given her consent and felt violated as a result of the occurrence.

Hermoso expressed her fragility and victimhood in an open social media statement, attributing the occurrence to an impulsive, sexist, and inappropriate behavior that occurred without her consent. She stated categorically that her dignity had been violated, noting, “Simply put, I was not afforded respect.”