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Solving the Land Puzzle: The Difficulties of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh’s Land Division

Dehradun: Deep in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, there is a land dispute that has confused people for more than 20 years. Even after Uttarakhand was formed 23 years ago, the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department still has authority over an astounding 332.748 hectares of land in the US Nagar district. The unsolved disagreements between UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in 2021 resulted in this ongoing predicament, which has hindered the progress of the region.

The Firm Hold of Uttar Pradesh

The UP Irrigation Department continues to claim its rights over the property next to Uttarakhand’s rivers and reservoirs despite multiple collaborative meetings and discussions. Due to this restriction, the Uttarakhand government is unable to begin any building projects on the sizable 332.748 hectares, resulting in a stop in the region’s growth.

The Consequences for the Development of Uttarakhand

This land issue has consequences that go beyond simple administrative obstacles. Because there is no asset sharing, the Uttarakhand Irrigation Department is unable to build the much-needed colonies for its workers. This huge tract of land is underutilized, which impedes the state’s development and makes it more difficult for it to provide its residents with the infrastructure they need.

Planned out yet unfulfilled promises

There was some hope in 2022 when talks suggested that the land will soon be transferred from Uttar Pradesh to Uttarakhand. On the empty area, plans were afoot to build colonies and homes for staff members, raising hopes for a better future. These hopes were crushed, though, by the UP’s inability to provide land, and nothing has changed since.

The Persistent Battle for Asset Distribution

High-ranking officials from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have met multiple times in the protracted dispute over asset sharing. The UP Irrigation Department still has authority over the property in spite of these talks, making it difficult for Uttarakhand to determine its own development path. The problem is made worse by the absence of a government order, which prevents Uttarakhand from using the land for the benefit of its citizens.

The Immediate Need for Migration

The transfer of 330.265 hectares of land from Uttar Pradesh to Uttarakhand is planned for a number of villages, including Ainchita, Barkidandi, Kaithulia, Tukdi, Devipura, Gidhaur of Jungle Jogither, Gangi, and Nanakmatta. This transfer also includes land in Kunwarpur village, Lalkothi in the Sharda Sagar block of Pilibhit, and Rampura, Kichha, and Nagla villages in Rohilkhand Nagar. Furthermore, the Baigul reservoir in the irrigation block Bareilly is included in this transfer.

The Development Vision: An Upcoming Colony

On this disputed area, Pramod Dixit of the SE Irrigation Department in Rudrapur plans a new staff colony. Unfortunately, the implementation of this ambition is hampered by the lack of progress in the transfer of land from UP. The possibility of positive development and better living conditions for Uttarakhand’s populace is nonetheless on hold whilst a solution is worked out.