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Sadhu arrested in Mathura’s Ram Janaki Temple Ashram for land dispute case

Madhya Pradesh law enforcement officers did a cruel thing by offering a garland to a venerated sage before revealing his impending arrest। This mysterious apprehension occurred in the holy city of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh। Ram Sharan, the mysterious sage, had previously fled from Madhya Pradesh, evading a controversial land dispute case।

The story began when a special police team from Madhya Pradesh, dressed casually, entered a sacred temple in the center of Mathura। They acted as fervent devotees, participating in rituals। They orchestrated the ploy by presenting the sage with treats of sweets and an elaborate floral garland, genuflecting to touch his sacred feet। They calmly informed him of their real intention – his imminent arrest – with careful tact।

The arrested sage Ram Sharan was involved in a complicated legal battle related to a fraudulent trust. It was alleged that he was trying to take control of commercial properties covering six acres of temple-affiliated land in Morena, Madhya Pradesh। The temple custodian discovered this alleged plan, which led to legal action।

The police found another accomplice in the sage’s machinations during the investigation। After the temple custodian revealed the complex conspiracy, they were subjected to legal action on November 3, 2021। Ram Sharan and his associates were immediately charged with a First Information Report (FIR)।

The elusive sage remained on the lam even after three people were arrested in the case। The long pursuit finally got the attention of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, which led the police to set up two separate units to track down the sage।

When the undercover police officers arrived at the sacred precincts of Mathura temple, they skillfully mingled with the devotees and discreetly asked about the sage’s whereabouts। Following the ritual, they then presented the sage with sweets and a meticulously crafted garland। In a tense moment, when one officer reverently knelt to touch the sage’s sacred feet, they revealed their real identities, revealing their purpose to apprehend him। They also warned the sage about the heavy police presence awaiting him outside the temple’s hallowed precincts।

In a quick turn of events, the sage agreed and gave up to the waiting police officers। Following a court appearance in Morena, Ram Sharan was escorted to the confines of a detention facility at the end of this clandestine operation।

This complex story shows how astute law enforcement is when it uses subterfuge to bring a fugitive sage to justice। The serene scene of devotion and spirituality has been obscured by the mysterious sage’s story, which is mixed with allegations of deceit and subversion।