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Nodwin Gaming Eyes Middle East Market with Acquisition of PublishME

The game marketing firm PublishME was acquired by Nodwin Gaming’s Singapore affiliate from Nazara Technologies Limited and Ozgur Ozalp in an exciting turn of events for the gaming industry. After Nodwin paid a cool $2 million for a 100% ownership in PublishME, the gaming landscape saw a substantial change as a result of this transaction. But there’s much more to this story than that!

Middle East Transformation

PublishME will transform throughout the Middle East and become Nodwin Gaming’s newest face. This tactical rebranding demonstrates Nodwin’s dedication to growing its impact in the area. The goal? to completely dominate the Middle Eastern gaming landscape and provide players and enthusiasts with an unmatched gaming experience.

Maintaining Roots

Turkey will continue to take advantage of PublishME’s services while the Middle East prepares for the Nodwin Gaming experience. This implies that the Turkish gaming community may anticipate receiving the same level of knowledge and zeal for which PublishME has become recognized.

Ozalp assumes control

As if this purchase wasn’t interesting enough, PublishME’s creator Ozgur Ozalp will take over as CEO of Nodwin Gaming Dubai. By bringing Ozalp’s breadth of knowledge to the fore, this shift not only strengthens Nodwin’s commitment to the area but also ensures that Nodwin Gaming Dubai is in good hands.

The Vision of Akshat Rathee

Nodwin Gaming’s co-founder and managing director, Akshat Rathee, stated his excitement for this purchase. He underlined Nodwin’s international growth, especially in developing nations like the newly established BRICS global network. According to Rathee, “As NODWIN Gaming expands its presence around the world, with a focus on key emerging markets, the new BRICS global network. To enable us to assist Publishers and Brands in understanding and accessing this developing market, the addition of PublishME stands as a natural and essential move.

Investing to Drive Growth

Nodwin Gaming, a Nazara Technologies subsidiary, made news in May when it raised $28 million in a fundraising round. Nodwin Gaming was able to achieve its objectives thanks to this infusion of cash from both new and existing investors. What are the main goals of these funds? to develop and nurture fresh intellectual properties (IPs), increase Nodwin’s market penetration in developing nations, and strategically buy assets to raise the value of the network.

Nazara’s Ingenious Move

Nazara Technologies Limited spent a sizeable sum of Rs 4.15 crore ($500,000) through its subsidiary, Nazara PTE Ltd, in Snax Games Ltd, an Israeli game developer, as a complementary action to the purchase of PublishME. Through this partnership, Nazara will have five years of exclusive Middle Eastern and Indian subcontinent publishing rights for Snax Games’ games. Nazara’s dedication to enhancing its position in the gaming sector is demonstrated by this investment.