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Real-time lyrics are now available on YouTube Music; learn how to use it

Real-time lyrics on Android and iOS make for a more engaging experience as YouTube Music changes the way we enjoy lyrics. With the launch of its real-time lyrics function, YouTube Music has made a huge step in improving the user experience. It will change how users of Android and iOS interact with their favorite music. With this great release, Google continues to improve the lyrics feature and gives users a more immersive and participatory musical experience.

Live Lyrics Start to Show Up on YouTube
Live lyrics have finally arrived on YouTube Music, much to the excitement of the music streaming community. According to the 9to5Mac, this feature is now available on both the Android and iOS versions of the YouTube Music app. Users must update to the YouTube Music app version 6.15 for Android or version 6.16 for iOS in order to experience this dynamic musical companion.

Changing How You Listen to Music

If you often listen to YouTube Music, you’re probably already accustomed to the Lyrics tab that can be found in the Now Playing area. It accomplished its goals, but lacked the subtlety of interaction. The Lyrics tab receives a remarkable redesign with the addition of live lyrics, showcasing a new look with larger, more readable font and better spacing. However, its receptivity to the song itself is where the true magic lies. Now, when the music plays, the currently sung line of lyrics stands out brightly in white while the rest gradually fades into the background for the best viewing experience.

This improvement goes further. When the song switches to the following line, the page automatically refreshes to keep everything in sync with the music. A musical note and blurred background of the cover art offer a delicate finishing touch, indicating that the words are about to begin.

Not yet available everywhere

Although this development promises to improve your music listening experiences, it’s important to keep in mind that not all songs will yet offer this real-time lyric functionality. The previous static lyrics for songs that haven’t made the switch will still be available. However, there is optimism that live lyrics will eventually become the standard for a larger song repertoire as YouTube Music continues to develop.

Live lyrics for music on YouTube

Even though live lyrics may be exciting, not all users may immediately see them. It might be essential to take a few actions to make sure you’re one of the fortunate people who benefit from this function. The update is now accessible on both Android and iOS devices, however the YouTube Music app might need a little prodding. Go to ‘App details,’ then click ‘Force’ Then resume the application after stopping it. Remember that not every song may have live words, so don’t be afraid to listen to several tracks to find this mesmerizing musical improvement.