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Rahul Gandhi Supports India’s Stance on Russia-Ukraine Conflict during

Rahul Gandhi, a well-known Congress Member of Parliament, showed his unflinching support for India’s official stance on the Russia-Ukraine war during his visit to Belgium, which was an important diplomatic gesture. It is his first travel abroad since the Supreme Court decided to suspend his conviction for the remark about the “Modi surname,” which allowed him to reclaim his Lok Sabha seat.

Increasing India’s Position

Rahul Gandhi took use of the occasion to reiterate India’s position on the Russia-Ukraine crisis while on a week-long tour of Europe. In his speech, he stressed the importance of India’s partnerships with other countries, particularly in light of the present geopolitical issues facing the world.

Across-the-board Agreement in India

Gandhi emphasized that all Indian political parties, including those in the opposition, accept the administration’s current stance on the Russia-Ukraine issue. This bipartisan agreement highlights the value of taking a coordinated approach to resolving international challenges.

A Planned Timing

It’s important to note the date of Rahul Gandhi’s European travel. It falls on the same dates that India will be hosting the G20 Summit, which will take place in New Delhi on September 9 and 10. Gandhi commented on this development and shared his thoughts on the conference.

India’s Position at the G20 Summit

“I think the G20 Summit is an important venue for intergovernmental discussion. It’s admirable that India is serving as the event’s host. Rahul Gandhi commented on India’s participation in the G20 Summit, saying “While we do voice some concerns within India, depicting it as providing a carte blanche is not fully accurate.

Interacting with members of the European Parliament

Rahul Gandhi met with European Parliament (MEP) members in Brussels while he was in Belgium. He took part in a roundtable discussion at the European Parliament that was co-hosted by MEPs Pierre Larrouturou and Alviina Almetsa, who are both responsible for the budget, the environment, and job creation for the Parliament. Alviina Almetsa is the Shadow Rapporteur on EU-India Relations.

Future Visits

India’s diplomatic ties would be further strengthened by Rahul Gandhi’s visits to France and Norway. He will speak to students at a top university in Paris on September 8 before taking part in a meeting of the French Labor Union on September 9. He will connect with members of the Indian diaspora during his visit to Norway on September 10.

Indian Overseas Congress-organized

The Indian Overseas Congress has methodically planned these international events, and Rahul Gandhi will be joined by Sam Pitroda, its president. The coordinated efforts to strengthen India’s international engagements and diplomacy are highlighted by this collaboration.